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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by King Kamikaze, Jun 3, 2007.

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    I smoked salvia for the first time this winter. I smoked it on two other occasions as well, still in the winter months. Until my first salvia day, I had only ever smoked a few joints. When I did it for the first time I went through these steps:

    1) Seperated half a gram of 10x extract into estimated 6ths (Which was recommended to me by the owner of the shop in which I purchased the substance.) and place one sixth into the bowl of my miniature bong. (This was also recommended by the shop owner. Although she told me not to fill it with water, because the salvia smoke must remain as hot as possible).

    2) I prepared myself. I lit my lighter, and tried to remember what I read online about how to use a bong. I inhaled lightly to light the bong whilst drawing some smoke into the chamber. (I did not keep my lighter lit, as I did not know it was necessary.) I inhaled as deeply as I could, trying to get as much smoke in my lungs as I could. I held my breath as long as possible, while exchanging glances of anticipation with my trusted friend.

    3) Sitting on a dimly lit pench in the middle of a public field at 11:00am, I lost it. I half tossed, half dropped the bong and lighter towards my friend. I started laughing like a maniac, and then I felt my hands and body hit the earth. I realized then that even though I felt the gound, I could not see it. I was blind. No, wait, there, a shape of something, dragging itself along my vision, repeating endlessly into the distance. I saw shapes and colors, yet I was in my own mind, thinking as I normally would, yet a bit thrown off by the visual aspect of the experience. I could also feel my surrounding. Eventually it wore off, and I was lying with my back on the soft grass and my eyes to the night sky. I felt incredible.


    Now, I was very satisfied with what I experienced, but I read stories of other peoples trips, and they've claimed things such as:

    - Extreme changes of visual and mental perception.
    - Understanding the universe and the meaning of life.
    - Living whole lives as someone or something else.
    - Meeting and/or speaking with alien entities, or "Salvia Gods."

    This makes me think I'm seriously missing out. Perhaps I did not smoke it efficiently. Mybe it wasn't strong enough. Maybe I should have put more in the bowl. But there's part of me that thinks people might be exaggerating slightly on what they experience. some stories to support this though, are claims I've read such as:

    - Having objects come alive and dance before you
    - Seeing creatures and things that aren't really there
    - Seeing familiar objects or pop culture icons do things in front of your eyes. (Seeing pokemon battle it out. : \)

    So am I missing out, or are people just exaggerating?
    If my trips aren't as intense as they could/should be, what are some things I could try? What am I doing wrong? What should I really focus on physically when taking the drug?


    My later trips were somewhat similar. I'll give quick blurbs for those who are interested.

    In my second one, I saw many yellow crayon box-like objects, like lego, bricked together. They covered most of my visual field, and what was not covered, I can't even remember.

    In my third one (Same night) there were less intense visuals. I just felt like I was part of whatever object I was touching. I had no sense of gravity. at one point, I thought I was standing, but I was really lying on the floor, perpendicular to a wall.

    In my latest one, I was outside on someone's deck. I was sharing my salvia with someone who had wanted to try it, but had never done it. I took a hit...nothing except tingling. I took another hit, as big as I could get it. BAM Everything was 2-D, it seemed. I think I was lying on my side against a wall, on the lightly snow-covered deck. I had this vivid picture of en X-ray of myself, curled up like a fetus. Also, everything on the deck was sideways, supporting my guess of bing curled up on my side. I'm not sure if what I was seeing was the deck, because I had this image of the gingerbread man from Shrek, (I think it was a childs toy sitting on the deck. I didn't bother to verify it after the trip) yet this figure, (as well as everything else that formed a shape) was made up of neon-light tubing. Other than that, I could hear my companion breathing so vividly. I could hear each breath and each gulp so clearly I started to think it was my own noise I was listening to. I stumbled inside and couldn't form words. I couldn't communicat with anyone and they had no clue how I felt inside. Instead of feeling lonely, I felt like...they were missing out on a great experience. It wore off, and I went back to drinking vodka like I was doing before I smoked the diviners sage. (I was clumsily drunk when I smoked it. ; P)

    Sorry, I have a tendency to go on and on. I hope it wasn't too lenghty.
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    These things are too personal, you can't really be waiting for something happening to you that has happened to others.

    You should hold light on salvia whole the time you inhale.. just keep trying...:D
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    ive smoked salvia over 40 or 50 times lost count there and i ahve yet to see aliens or go to other worlds or ever leave my room reality gets distorted and i have differnet states of consciousness but i have yet to reach other planes and aliens . i want to but it just hasnt happened yet. i too feel soemtimes like im missing out. maybe my brain is wired differently or something but keep trying i am. i havnet smoked salvia in a month gonna tomorrow. at times even though i smoked it so many times i still feel a little hesitant to smoke it sometimes cause its so intense.

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    Salvia is crazy it's different everytime. Sometimes I trip out just like what you described, in your mind your thinking is fine, but everything else looks/feels weird. Sometimes I see shit thats nor there though, like one of the last times I did this stuff I saw two kids or something running around (Fealt like they were trying to play or something) and it was hella trippy.

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    Hmm this is rather strange. Maybe your tolerance hasn't gone down yet. Since salvia has a reverse tolerance, the more you smoke it, the more the visuals and trip intesnsify. If you don't get good results from 10x then try 15x or 20x for the full effect. Also, you'll notice sometimes that headshops rip you off. Try getting the most resinous (standardized) extracts from the internet. It is also a lot more affordable than going to the local bong store. Have a good one!

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