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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Ikarion, May 26, 2004.

  1. Ikarion

    Ikarion Member

    My question goes mainly to the ladies.
    And it´s simple: Do you always want some time of foreplay before having penetration?
    I mean, i´ve always heard that women will get bored if the guy fucks like his jacking off, and sounds logic, i would problably also like foreplay before doing it and problably would do it most of the times, but always? I mean, if a guy sneaks on his girlfriend/wife and catches her offguard and GENTLY goes directly to penetration, will this always be considered offensive and a lack of respect for a woman´s own rythm? Won´t you ladies ever get with flow, even if it´s rare her partner doing it ? Does it has to be always a special moment where the man has to make a carefull introduction and stimulate the woman? Won´t women just take sex in a relaxed "informal" way sometimes rather then a special event always? I agree with foreplays but the pressure of having always to have care not to look too "fast" and insentive is just too much, it would be good to know that sex does not need to reflect ALWAYS the feelings of the persons involved and can be just something more... unpressured?
  2. Foreplay is essential belive me..........many guys cant last fucking for more than 3 or 4 minutes and a woman just will not get off on that :(

    Damn you get a woman, make love to her like your conducting an orchestra.....pulling each string at a time, pressing each button one by one, get her in the mood she will love it.

  3. Style

    Style Member

    I can last a while, but I don't like to have sex without foreplay. Because the build up to intercourse makes it even hotter in my opinion.
  4. mimosa

    mimosa Banned

    No, I don't think it *always* has to be a special moment (meaning lots of foreplay).

    Quickies are just fine on certain occasions, but don't make a regular habit of it. Women like to feel special.
  5. vanilla

    vanilla Member

    I'm lucky that my man is very much into foreplay. Sometimes, the occasional kiss becomes foreplay. There are also times when he is so horny that he wants to get into it almost immediately. When that happens once in a while, it feels very sexy. Very erotic to have a man lust for you so much that he can't wait.
  6. torz

    torz Member

    i agree with most thats been said here. in my opinion there are two types of sex, there is Making love, and sex. i know some women cant be penerated unless alittle fore play is used before hand because they arnt turned on visually like men, women are turned on by touch. many women need to be touched a little before hand to get the juces flowing. you have to learn how a womans sexual nature works, women are controled by hormones, when a woman is around ovulation they tend to feel very horny and want sex alot, its around this time that women want sex and dont tend to be bothered about special sex. sex dosent always have to be a special event, but women like to feel special & wanted this in turn makes her feel very horny.

    if you were to catch your gf/wife off guard, say when shes doing the washing up. instead of just going up behind her and trying to penitrate her, stand behind her, make sure she knows you want some sex, push your hard on into the small of her back, rub your hands over her breast and down towards her crotch and tell her sexily what you want to do to her. catching her off guard like this whill most likely turn her on lots, its just selecting the right time of month and the way you go about it. being all masterful & expecting her to give you sex isnt going to make her feel excited, its going to make her feel used, that all you want her for at that moment is some sex. making a woman feel special isnt just about foreplay, its about letting her know how much you care, what she means to you how much she turns you on. tell her how horny she makes you feel, how hard she makes your cock ***got to stop & breath i'm making myself feel all horny*** and how you'd love to feel it slip in & out of her wet pussy right now, that sort of thing.

    you shouldnt always feel preasured into giving foreplay, if you do talk to her, tell her that you try to give her what she wants but she has to do the same. men & women are different & enjoy different kinds of sex, you both have to comprimise. hope this has helped.
  7. Ikarion

    Ikarion Member

    Thanks Vanilla, that´s very relieving, that´s exactly my point, i get so excited thinking about sex, just by thinking on how primal and how "animal" it is that the fact of just copulating with no ceremony is also a very exciting addtion to several ways of doing it. I erotize allot about sex it and most of the times there´s foreplay involved but my fantasies also include having someone so close and intimate that we can just go for it. I mean, if you´re with someone you love and get very well with, that should make it just for itself a very powerfull exciting thought. I don´t mean that direct intercourse has to be hard and fast! Thinking about how your parter ( a very considerate and sweet person as you know) just has some moments were his just so anxious to get inside of you should make a woman flattered! At least if you could imagine how big the impulse to sex is in an man, you may not feel it but you can imagine it just by observing his reactions, instead of finding it anoying.

    Torz: NOw, i understand what you say but i think slighty differently. I think that having sex that is enjoyable with the person you´re with is only proportional to the relation and feelings you have already established with him/her before. If there´s love than it is always making love, even if it´s a quickie. Of course a long slow session with foreplay gives more time to show tenderness.

    CARPATHIN VAMPYRIC QUEEN: Now that´s the kind of pressure that i would like to bring to sex, having to conduct orchestras and pressing the right buttons, i mean, if a start asking what should i do or what buttons to press to get her more excited that will look like i don´t see anything special on her, like "what i´m i suposed to do honey?"
  8. torz

    torz Member

    i sort of agree with you here & i sort of dont. i dont thank that if theres love then its always making love. i love my bf, & he loves me but if we just have a quicky then its sex not making love for the fact that we are only having sex to release sexual tension.

    no, good sex is about comunication, you cant be expected to know what turns her on, what dosent, where to touch her at what time etc. its not to do with seeing anything special on her, the special thing is being able to ask her where she wants to be touched & what she wants you to do and you responding. every woman is different as is every man, what one woman may find very sensual to another woman it could be a big turn off. the body has lots of E zones (as i put it, cant spell the proper word) turn on spots, like, i love to have the back of my knees tickled, its a real turn on for me, but for my friend it could just kill the passion.
  9. vanilla

    vanilla Member

    Hmm.. I get wet just thinking that he's lusting for me. That's foreplay for me during quickie times. Also there are times when I will just start arousing him without kissing or going to his 'pack'. I just run my hands all over his body and he wants it immediately. Not much foreplay going on there but it still gets me wet because I feel very sexy.

    Other times he will make me feel so special by spending ages on my body.

    I like both. Each one compliments the other to make the sexual experience between us more intense. I feel that both are full of love. BUt I have to admit, it's only with him that I feel this way. With other men, it is really sex and love making. Two seperate things.
  10. Ikarion

    Ikarion Member

    Torz: Now, just for releasing your sexual tension you can masturbate yourself , but you choose to erotize with a person next to you. If there would be no special meaning to it you could even do it with someone else than your boyfriend and it would not offend no one. One of things that excites me , besides being able to carefully and gently having sex with a woman i love, is to be able to just give in to the instincts, mating without the involvemnet of our personalities, juts a male and a female, like nothing else in the world exists. Being able to abstract from ourselves, but doing it with each other (sounds contradicting).
  11. torz

    torz Member

    no it dosent sound contradicting at all, what i was trying to say was that for me & my bf alot of the time when we have sex there is alot of emotional involvment for us both. but i dont live with my bf, i live 25 miles away & i dont see him from monday morning to friday tea time and even tho we both masturbate during the week, nothing is as good as sex, so when it does come to friday we both have a lot of built up sexual tension. its then that we just have sex. this kind of sex is the kind you are describing, raw animal sex, lost instincs, bangin......the tender loving sex comes later. as for your comments on having sex with no meaning, so there for being able to do it with someone other than my bf. well i dont agree with you (i'm not saying that your wrong, i just have my own opinion on sex). sex is something i think is reserved for people that love each other, i'm not a fan of one night stands and i've never had one myself. but i think you can have sex with no feeling, no emotion, raw animal sex with the one you love. i know it would offend my bf if i had sex with another person meaningless or not, as i would be if he did the same.
  12. Ikarion

    Ikarion Member

    exactly my point, even the raw animal sex has to mean something more than just raw animal sex, even if it doesn´t look emotional (because it´s raw animal sex with your love person), and it´s not only to release tension, even if there is tension in there. I mean, you choose to release that tension with your partner, right? So it´s got to be something something behind that raw animal sex. What i did not agree was to discriminate this kind of sex from the other one , the one with foreplay and etc... Because i saw some claimings here that it was somehow insensitive towards the woman/man when the other partner wants to do it, just that.
  13. Theres the misconception, if its making love then, yeah there has to be foreplay because its about taking time making love is about emotion. If you were just having sex then no. Having sex or fucking has nothing to do with emotions. notice the difference in the words. Having sex: Making Love

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