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  1. I, as many others, have often dreamed of living a life that isn't held down by.. well for lack of a better term, REALITY! working 9 to 5 for petty paper to fulfill some fascist need for corporate consumerism. So what is the alternative if we really are against this life?

    Well I don't have the answer, but maybe our community does! How do you live your life? Maybe you travel, go to festivals, maybe you lived off the grid. I'm sure lots of us would love to hear such tales! So post them away!

    (If you care to know about my self..)
    A little about myself, I have a background of African culture. I was born in the states, but I've lived in Africa while younger and a large part of my family is African. Lately I've been thinking about searching my roots, I'm just about the age to really do whatever the hell I want, but I don't quite know how I would up and leave to Africa.

    I also have a strong passion for 60s culture. For a very long time I wished I was born in the 60s, but then it hit me. We tend to characterize times from the past, and I'm sure day to day life in the 60s could be just as dull as we can make today, there are lots of spirits in todays world who can provide for the same wonderful life. I have found lots of bands that feel the same, and thus we have a good life! Sure we don't have the classics like Jefferson Airplane, Jimi, Beatles, Doors, GD, Floyd, but we have the best of both worlds. I can listen to any song I want whenever I want, that's not something the past could do!

    I have found travel to be life's greatest gift, I went road tripping with my friend for a couple of weeks across the states this year. And doing that to festivals would be incredible. Travel has taught me the greatest lesson, you get your experience, what you think about it is up to you. I use to complain, I see people complain about the lives they live, but you know what? Respect what you have, if it sucks so much, do something about it. I lived for 2 weeks across the country with no more than $500. I know someone who did it with $200. Learn to live, learn to love!

    I'm in question with my life now, but I know I want to experience something great, and I don't want it bound to the confines of a rat race, and I'd bet anything you don't either! So what can we do?
  2. Sitka

    Sitka viajera

    Find a job you find meaningful.

    Build houses. Teach. Go to Med School. Whatever that is.
  3. Gypsy_Boy

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    Man I can really relate to having a passion for 60's culture. When I was a kid I was sort of the weird kid who listened to The Beatles, Hendrix, etc. while everyone was listening to Manson and Korn. Later when I developed better social skills I learned to blend in a little better and tone down the weirdness lol. Nevertheless, I never stopped loving the 60's and love to share that passion with others.

    I'd definitely love to travel the states with my guitar and just do some soul searching. There have been times where I've been ready to pack a bag and just split. Honestly, I get tired of worrying about all these social norms and expectations that society has for me. Especially, since in my mind it's not that important aslong as I have peace of mind in the end. I could live with pretty much nothing, but my guitar and some music.

    I don't know about you guys, but I'd love to see the world come together for the sake of the human race. I wish people could get past race, color, nationality, materialism, and stop being so selfish. There's plenty of everything to go around for everyone if we'd just work together. Still I know that this unrealistic, but I don't see the harm in dreaming. I'm not sure if I gave any helpful incites here, but I guess I needed to get that some of that out. Hopefully someone else can relate to that.
  4. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I keep a redneck philosophy and lifestyle.
  5. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Buy a school bus, a vanagon, a camper, convert it into a home. Live rent free and travel.

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