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Discussion in 'Politics' started by unfocusedanakin, Mar 2, 2019.

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    Quark, you're the one who only expressed empty annoyance here. I'm pretty sure OP isn't trolling with the post in that quote. It's a fact there's some misplaced white viking pride. But in my experience this isn't an issue with the majority of folk/viking/black metal fans or in the scene as a whole. But that's also not what unfocusedanakin seems to be saying.
    What he means with that sentence seems lost on us but i have the feeling its by accident. Happens more often with him if he types too fast or something
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    Well it’s even worse if he’s trying to paint the entire genre because of those handful of bands. Hell, I know exactly the kind of stuff he’s talking about, and it’s such a small percentage of metal that I can’t even wrap my head around it.

    Edit: what the fuck have I done... no more associating metal with this garbage lol
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    So what's so bad about what he stated in this thread at this point? As you say it would be 'even worse' if he would be talking about black metal in general.
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    fairly sure the op is projecting because he hates trump so much.
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    Protecting on american alt righters? Yeah, but most of the thread seems about Norway and facets of its culture/society (like the how to treat women class to immigrants). And that seems to be what triggered Quark (correct me if im wrong @quark )
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    Part of black metal is songs about how awesome the pagan times were. A lot of people apply that to Muslims now. The pagan viking time are good since it's a white culture that would fight for it's way of life and worship Odin before Allah. Very appealing now to some people.

    No, I was very into it.

    Blood red hair, black nail polish, 3 foot wallet chain hanging out my pants, and some very pro-white race anti-liberal views. It was post 9/11 in America and I was drawn to warriors. I am very ashamed of that time in my life now. Like a lot of alt-right people now the whole Nazi life was cool since it was taboo. Like you work so hard to make it bad so why do you do this? Is not it better to allow me the freedom to have pride in my race and know the real history.

    My poor mother would only allow me to use one chair in the house since the chain ruined everything.

    Not all the bands are like this but the early ones from the 90's often were. For example look up Mayhem and the member who wrote pro Nazi books in prison. He was in prison for murdering another band mate. This is amazingly evil as a child now I find it sad.
  7. Asmodean

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    Ahh now i get it i think: you mean the pagan barbarity that is romanticized in their own cultural inheritance and sometimes glorified and argued to bring back is shunned in muslims with their 'medieval' mindsets (even though a majority of muslims isn't that barbaric)?
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  9. unfocusedanakin

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    I never mentioned him once

    interesting that the discussion of Nazis makes you defend him.
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    Lol I also pity my mom for my juvenile shit as a teen. And respect her a lot for the freedom she let me have and general tolerance. Happily she didnt understand english that well, let alone norse or that she could make out any black metal lyrics by hearing :p One of the few times she lost it was when I got a t shirt depicting Ozzy as Jesus on a cross. I had to resell it; she wouldn't wash it. I think i was not older than 15.
    Although I wasn't into black metal for any political related reasons :) (if one of such an external reason played a role it was the antichristian aspects. Really intrigued me more as an adolescent). I just digged the historical and pagan themes, still do. Most bands that draw a parallel to today with a political motivation don't interest me both musically and theme wise.
    But music of bands like Burzum (technically a one man project) are not that specific about nazi sympathies or the current political climate. The guy behind it has been vocal about that stuff and indeed took his convictions too far in reality (murder and church arson), but the music is focussed on general evil and mayhem or historically themed. Same with Mayhem i thought. They have WW2 as a common theme and glorify evil and violence (from an antropological or artsy POV), but don't literally practice hatespeech or support and advocate fascism through their music.
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    He said that because Trump has also proclaimed similar stuff about Norway as you point out in the OP about the american alt right. Besides, the american alt right is often defending Trump or at least trivializing how bad he is. And you have been busy pointing that out on here.
  12. unfocusedanakin

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    That's true Trump is their hero.

    It's just odd to me since Trump voters who don't openly admit to being racist don't like the Hitler comparisons. They always say "name one thing he has done that is racist. And when you do they say it's not racist.
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    Those comparisons really aren’t helpful, in my opinion. Everyone and everything gets Hitler comparisons - it has lost all meaning. Personally I’m tired of seeing the name.

    What about some Stalin comparisons? Shake it up a little. Throw in a little Mao for flavor. A bit of Pol Pot.
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    I'm not getting annoyed? I didn't even read the first post. So whatever you think I'm doing you're literally just pulling it out of your ass.

    Also, don't tell me what I should and shouldn't post, lately you come out with more whiney bullshit than I do and I don't sit here like a role model trying to suggest what you can and cannot post.

    Grow up. I can damn well post and use this forum how I please. You're not my real dad. I know you evaluate yourself much higher than everybody else when it comes to political topics, but I'll tell ya straight up, I couldn't give a rats ass how highly you think of yourself. It's all wank to me and you gang up with your lil bum chums and have a good old circle jerk in threads.

    Haha, did you see I pwned Irm
    Haha, yeah man I saw that
    Haha Haha ohhh yeah mmm

    Quit yo jibber jabber!
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    unfortunately not enough love to have them move there and stfu
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    Not really. It's just that the only alternative was the Clintons.
  17. unfocusedanakin

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    If they did not love him there would be movement to remove him. All the lies, all the corruption, the racism that is not "racism" it's all OK. It is all what they want.
  18. unfocusedanakin

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    Yes it's an overused analogy. But I've noticed many Trump voters really focus on that now. As if there is no credible reason to compare he and Hitler.

    No, in the case of Trump there really is. We could also compare him to Stalin though with his desire to silence enemies by using the goverment as his personal tool of revenge.
  19. WritersPanic

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    Yea, racism just doesn't have that old magic anymore. I think because so many non-racists are tired of hearing about it. Especially when it's demanded or pushed. It just gets very old when a racial angle is squeezed out of every story possible.

    I'm kind of surprised the racial outrage machine hasn't paid closer attention to the college bribery scandal. It's like an ATM of privilege and wealth waiting to be plundered. All it takes is a couple of slimy connections, among a bunch of cronies. If I was still in journalism, I'd be digging into this one with a backhoe.
  20. unfocusedanakin

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    I'm not sure what you mean here

    Racists never say they are racist. It's an odd world where it's "just the facts" and not a personal bias. Misquoted data and a desire to live under Jim Crow. Reminds me of my grandfather. Nigger is never a racist word it's what you call them and it was easier when they were separate. Men who were 32 when they had to share a drinking fountain are old men in MAGA hats now.

    As a scientific fan who is I guess also a person with a scientific degree it's troubling. It's junk science.

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