Alright.......u got me.......i give up

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by WeedChica, May 29, 2004.

  1. WeedChica

    WeedChica Member

    u caught me i havent been smoking that here's my question

    how much chronic {or dank , i guess?} could i buy for $52?
  2. you could probably get a fourth (3.5 grams) if you know somebody personally...if not the going rate around these parts is 20 bucks a gram
  3. Uh 3.5 grams is an eigth, not a 4th.

    For $50, you should be able to get a half ounce.
  4. goddamn it
    i knew that, i ment an eighth

    but 1/2 an oz of chronic for $50! where do you live?
  5. JimmyPage

    JimmyPage Member

    Dude, $50 for an eighth? Around here, we get quarters for about $25-30, and ounces for about $100.
  6. garf12

    garf12 Member

    around here dank is 50-60 an 1/8, and thats pretty much normal everywhere I have seen.
  7. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    Yea 50 an 1/8 is the price everywhere you go for dank (except the boonies, which should be heck a lot cheaper)
  8. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    HAHA! One time this dude was selling me weed and he said it was like 30 for an 1/8. I asked for a dime bag, and he gave me 3 grams!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

    dime bag == $10
  9. Where the hell do you people live?!
    eighths are $25 around here.
  10. Angel_Headed_Hipster

    Angel_Headed_Hipster Senior Member

    Well, Canada...

    Peace and Love,
  11. lordcthulhu

    lordcthulhu Member

    Around here an 1/8(of dank) is sometimes 50, but mostly 60. I have a guy who sells for 45, but his weed is always changing so sometimes I get shitty dank. I hear weed is rediculously cheep in canada though.
  12. Hahaha, why do people pay $50 for 1/8th ounce of ANYTHING other than say haze?

    Where do I live? NYC

    I can get an ounce for $100 of this nice bud that has THC crystals and hairs

    I can get an ounce of Jamaican bud for $80

    I can get an ounce of Arizona for $110

    I can get an ounce of chocolate for $130

    I can get a quarter pound of Arizona for $180

    I can get a pound of Arizona for $550


    But yea, $50 should get you AT LEAST a quarter ounce.

    If you buy god damned nicks, they'll have about .5grams in them... if you buy 10 of those you'll have 5 grams, which is more than an eigth...

    I guess you have to know people. But if you're in a big city, just keep asking around to dealers for their prices on ounces. They WILL try to make some serious PC, so you have to show them you know your shit. I usually start out with "do you have $80 ounces?" ($80-100 is pretty standard for an O) and then they won't try selling me an ounce for $160 or something. Some dealers can't even get ounces themselves that cheap.

    The best thing to do is buy pounds though.

    But yea, if all you can get is 1/8th for $50, get it..

    for me? $50 would buy an ounce, and give me pocket change (if I have $50 I put in on a quarterpound for $180... so I'd put in $45), or a half ounce if I couldn't find people to put in with, or a half ounce+$10 to spend on blunts and baggies and still have change. :)
  13. BigBong

    BigBong Member

    uh.. no comment.. I'll let others rip on ya...
  14. I_Am_A_Robot

    I_Am_A_Robot Member

    i get my eigths for 40$ they are pretty good orange and red hairs and tiny little white furs on all the leafy parts

    so you could buy an eigth for 40-60 bucks
    which is always good
    sometimes people let me just buy 3 grams for 30$ or should i say around 3 grams maybe more like 2.7 or 2.8
  15. hahahahahaha
    yeah around here and most other places i have heard an eigth is $50. (sometimes more somtimes less)
  16. enjoycocaine

    enjoycocaine Member

    what the hell happened to this forum? It used to be cool people coming together to talk about something they all have in common, smoking. Now it seems there are all these people that try to use being a 'stoner' as some kind of reason feel like they are special or cool. People brag about smoking and all these good prices and how much they know, who they know and how that since we can't get the buds from every state and for 'pocket change' or some shit that we aren't smokers or we don't belong here or we are not as a good 'stoner'. What the fuck is that? Who are you trying to impress? This isn't a contest, and i wish these people would mellow out and quit trying to be the biggest stoner. That's not what smoking is about. If you want to compete and look good go play football with the other dumbasses.
  17. ThinK

    ThinK Member


    if u get 50 for an ounce then your getting some shitty brown crown.......
  18. Actually I get Arizona with not too many seeds, and it smokes nicely.

    I don't think I'm special or cool or anything, I was just saying my prices, and what I would get for $52.

    $52 though really should be able to buy a half ounce...
  19. Paulncaroline

    Paulncaroline Member

    $10 a gramm or less:D
  20. Haha, that is great.

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