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Discussion in 'Health' started by interval_illusion, May 16, 2004.

  1. I've been having a sweating prob. lately... i drink a lot... i dont k now if that has to do with it. but i have to put deoderant on many times a day.

    my sweat does NOT smell bad... it doesnt smell at all actually.

    but this is driving me crazy?

    what is going on here and what can i do about it?
  2. I've told you babe, it's the anti's. Its one of the side effects. How long has it been going on? It might just go away and then a new side effect will come along. thats what happens to me.
  3. oh, you think its the anti-depressants? yah...

    could be...

    i just doubled my dosage not too long ago...


    i dunno for sure but i really hate this shit.
  4. Yup Id say it is then.
    Sweating is one of the side effects people can have although, personally I don't have probs with sweat, instead my digestive system has gone to shit and I'm always dog-tired.
    It's up to you to decide wether the benefits of being on the anti's outweighs the disadvantages of putting up with the havoc they cause on your body.
    For me I can live with my side - effects, you may find yours too difficult and perhaps should try new medication?
  5. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    The sweating will decrease when you get used to the antis. Only to return if you go off of them cold turkey (hint: DON'T! If you stop taking antidepressants do it V-E-R-Y gradually.)

    When you say drinking, do you mean alcohol? If so, you might want to stop. Booze aggravates depression and is not recommended for people on antidepressants, it will also INCREASE your side effects to the drug and make it less effective for the depression or anything else you are taking them to help.
  6. yea, maggie, i meant alcohol.

    i have a drinking prob., and when i stop drinking i get panic attacks.

    it put me in the hospital before.

    i think the sweating is due to my drinking and the meds.

    i just dont know what to do about everything.

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