"alone wanderer"

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by ~piscean]-[delusions, May 30, 2004.

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    ~ p i s c e a n ]-[ d e l u s i o n s ~ my poetry ~ alone wanderer

    I walk along this path without anyone, all alone
    embracing the journey I make into the unknown
    Seeking truth, knowledge and all I can discover
    but without the beauty of sharing it with another

    where it will lead and what i will learn all come by the day
    but how long can i be happy with this life of solitary
    so badly do i wish i could share the beauty with a mate
    a life of knowledge, experience, intuition and no hate

    why do i feel this desire to not walk on my own
    because all i want to do is share what can be shown
    it hurts so bad at times i just want to hide
    but everywhere i turn only in me can i confide

    my heart and soul and spirit are here to stay
    i know where the light is and it shows me the way
    if i can continue on this path ive chosen i know ill be fine
    but i want someone to share me and them to be mine

  2. Spinner

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    WOW, that was a great poem.
    If only I were smart enough to do something like that!
  3. Harvest*mama

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    that was nicely written, I enjoyed that a lot!!~ Hope you find someone to share your love with =)

  4. saffronfrancisburnet

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    what a journey we take oursleves on
    to find our reason.. to live
    to be us..

    very lovely enjoy your heart soul mind
    enjoy the journey ahead, and keep you in mind
    thank you for sharing you path.
    very moving
    love n peace from saff

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