almost (doesn't count)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by chicalee84, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Disclaimer: (pre-disclaimer: yes i realize the faux pax and the cliche i am committing by providing a disclaimer, but this just makes it ironic right?) Another "woman's wrath" poem, which is in itself a cliche, but that's kind of the point-- the whole poem knows it's cliche, it just does it better;)

    almost (doesn't count)

    i almost cried over you today--
    finally angry for it
    You, best friend so genuine
    who'd never be 'that guy'
    to me
    never ever, you
    can find my hands, my waist
    those hook-and-eye clasps
    even my eyes later
    but not your voice now
    not even its echo in a phone
    You, suddenly fine with so much hollow more
    and now you let me become 'that girl'
    to you
    or one of them

    at least it feels that way
    a cliche
    and so are you, only now
    you've got cliche immunity
    mainstream media morality
    just like every other original individual
    with no regrets
    and a postmodern conscience
    and here you are again in my poem
    damn you
    sweet insidious bastard
    i bet you think this poem is about you
    don't you don't you
    i've always liked that song
    don't you?
    my best poems are about you

    You like that i need you,
    a stroke on the shaft of your ego
    you take what i willingly give
    and keep it, out of my reach

    I resent you for it

    and i try i try
    but i can't
    i can't
    i can't
    can't backtrack
    the replay's on an unforgiving loop
    but maybe i should just be grateful, right?
    for new poems that scrawl you out
    in purple ink
    Cliche expanded, overdeveloped?
    Answer me!
    I'm the powerfully overwrought, indecisive, independent
    sexually frustrated, introspective, insecure, feminist
    of every novel you never made it all the way through
    woman at the window
    girl staring [screaming] at the mirror
    cursing the day you taught me
    to give my want your name
    in spite of my judging you unworthy
    you, who i never wanted to want
    you with your paining touch
    and interested kindness

    Speak up!
    I'm a woman who thinks too much
    and you're too much on my mind
    your silence feeds my rancor
    distorts, amplifies
    confuses love with the provocateurs
    in your fingertips
    but never long enough to believe it, so
    Is it you or the loss of my innocence
    i've been missin so much?
    'cause i could write this whole story
    in trite country-song lyrics
    with Spanish subtitles
    but you'd still miss the resolution
    always disappearing after the climax
    to leave me under caution falling action signs--
    the way you read so painstakingly,
    i'm already rewriting the endings
    you'll never see
  2. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

    I really liked this line;
    "damn you
    sweet insidious bastard"

    Hahah. It was good. It was actually not as cliche as I was expecting, given your disclaimer. I didn't like the reference to that song, however...

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