allowing your kids to have sex at home

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by yooper2013, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. YouCanTrustMe

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    I have no problem with bf/gf “relationship” sex. Hookups, one night stands or FWB would not be cool in my home. I don’t want to hear it or see it. And I’d prefer not to find “things left on the night stand/bathroom counter/floor. And, just saying, there is no way I’d allow anything homosexual in my home.
  2. buzzgunner

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    It'd never be an issue for me as my wife and I are both in our early 60s and we've never had children (nor do we want any.) However...

    A couple that are friends of ours (and are about our age) have two children, both in their early 30s. Both the kids are married and are parents themselves. Back when the daughter was in her mid-teens 9and still in high school), she became sexually active with her boyfriend (maybe more than one; I'm not clear on the details.) Rather than have them sneak around to hook up, her mom (our friend) took both of them to their family physician for check-ups (no STDs) and started the daughter on birth control. She then told them that, while she knew she couldn't prevent them from going wherever they wanted, she would much prefer if they restricted themselves to the daughter's house (bedroom), where they were completely safe and secure. As I understand it, that's exactly what they did!

    There's a funny side to this as well. Once (during a social get-together) at the friends house (attended by my wife and I, the couple of friends, and both their kids), the daughter mentioned to me (in a conversation about favorite SciFi TV shows) that she didn't like "Stargate: SG-1" at all. Since that was usually the sort of show I knew she liked, I asked why. She told me that, back when "SG-1" was in first run, she invited her boy friend over for sex (yup, she told me straight to my face!). After waiting for well over an hour in her bedroom, the boy friend was a no-show. Knowing that it took him less than half that time to get from his place to hers, she stepped out into the living room. There was her boy friend, sitting with her brother (who was a couple year younger than her), WATCHING "SG-1"! Apparently that TV show held more appeal (at the time) for him than pussy!

    I can honestly say that such has *NEVER* been the case for me!
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  3. barefootb8r

    barefootb8r Members

    I don’t have kids, but my nieces and nephews all knew once they were old enough that I was a nudist and open-minded about sexual matters, and that my guest room was always available for them anytime they needed a place to go, and several of them brought their boyfriends and girlfriends over for some play time. I always encouraged them to be safe, and kept the guest room stocked with condoms and lube, and knowing I didnt make a big deal out of nudity and sex and treated it like the natural thing that it is made it less awkward for them. It also had the side effect of getting them to just stop by more often for social visits, especially my gay nephew who realized it was a safe space and that he could talk to me without being judged.
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  4. buzzgunner

    buzzgunner 180 grains of diplomacy Lifetime Supporter

    You sound like a pretty great uncle!
  5. nakedrhode

    nakedrhode Member

    I always encouraged my kids that their bedrooms were for sex so I knew they were in a clean dry safe place .They were raised nude so nudity ,sex etc was never made a big thing and we talked about everything .
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  6. Niamh2636

    Niamh2636 Members

    This one liner really made me laugh. Thanks for brightening up my day :smile:.
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  7. Bryce

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    With each other? No because that would be incest and gross!
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  8. nathanreeves11

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    I would allow my children to if I ever had any , I think at the end of the day they are going to do it anyway . and I would rather then be doing it in a bedroom rather then resulting to somewhere like a park ect .

    when I was 14 and started having sex with my girlfriend at the time I felt the pain of allways on the look out when we was having sex and this used to allways be outdoors somewhere so talking from experience as long as they are save then its fine by me
    I would just ask to keep the noise down the last thing I would want is to hear them or make sure we are out or something sex is a natural thing to do we all do it and have all done it while we was their age so why not
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  9. Todd Johnson

    Todd Johnson Panty Lover

    My cousin and I used to play doctor and we'd explore each other's bodies. We ended up 69ing for several years. She wouldn't let me fuck but always made sure I came and she always came too. She is so hot!! She moved away for college and she'll mail me some panties every now and then. I just wish I knew what it felt like to be up inside her! One Day.... One Day....
  10. gillmanjr

    gillmanjr Members

    For me the answer to this question is more complicated than yes or no. For one it depends on the size of the house. If I can't hear it I might allow it. In my current house, however, there is no way I wouldn't be able to hear it, so no, its not happening. It also depends on the child. My son, I would probably allow it when he gets older. My daughter (which I don't have yet, btw), HELL NO. It also depends on my wife, her head would probably explode if she came home and our son was getting laid in our household.
  11. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man Member

    How were you able to convince your cousin to suck you off and let her eat you out? Did anyone else ever find out you had done oral sex on each other?
  12. gillmanjr

    gillmanjr Members

    Crazy dude, I have the exact same story from my childhood! My cousin and I used to mess around but never actually fucked. We basically did everything but. She wasn't actually my cousin by blood, but rather just a cousin "in law" if such a thing exists, so technically she wasn't really even related to me. But it was still really hot and I do think about fucking her every now and then. We started doing that when we were 11 or 12 and it lasted a few years. I actually saw her at a wedding a few months ago and it just so happens that she separated from her husband a few months before. If I really wanted to I could probably fuck her, but I wouldn't cheat on my wife.
  13. Deejay88

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    Well I had the same story but I did fuck my cousin one night when everyone went upstairs to go to sleep we stayed up watching tv when everyone in the house went up stairs she laid back and opened her legs and slide her shorts to the side and I got on top and stuck my hard cock deep in her pussy I cummed in her stomach was a rush she married now and we don’t think about it or talk about
  14. Just for fun

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    I would explain very clearly that if a child is born you are on your own and also the STD's. Then I would tell him or her I am going out for the evening and be back at a certain time. Have fun but I would recommend you don't fuck up your future.
  15. After they're married they're welcome to have sex anywhere they want. Not that they'll still be living with us. The argument that they're gonna do it anyway doesn't hold up for drink driving or taking meth I will have the same expectation of them when it comes to sex i.e. don't do it.
  16. Barry Mandelay

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    We allowed all of our children to explore their sexuality at home. They all had sex at some time with BF / GF's in their bedrooms while growing up. Sometimes we were home, sometimes not. While we didn't promote it we didn't prohibit it either deducing that they were going to have sex at some point. We took it upon ourselves to educate them instead of the sorry way it is done in school. Birth control was explained and made available. We had frank talks about being responsible, disease, and the emotions involved and left the choice theirs. Didn't have a problem as all of our children grew up to be responsible professional sexual adults blessing us with many grandchildren. Found out years later they all knew about the many times we had sex when we thought they didn't.
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