allowing your kids to have sex at home

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by yooper2013, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. yooper2013

    yooper2013 Member

    Would you allow your kids to have sex in your house?
  2. My kid is 2, so no..

    No, I will answer about when he is older... first of all, I'm not sure... just like when he's a teenager there are a lot of things that I am not sure yet how I'll be. I do not think I would just be cool w him just bringing random hook ups to the house at any point though... but I can see if he had a long term/steady relationship and is a reasonable age... I mean if he ends up being 17 yrs old and already with someone for 2 or 3 years, it's gonna happen somewhere so... in that situation I can see maybe being okay with it.. but like I said, I'm not at that point yet (thank God!) so not sure..
  3. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    Not under my roof.
  4. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Only if we weren't there & it would allow them more privacy to do things undisturbed.
    But how many of us close our bedroom door when we are about to have sex & don't want any one to notice a light on noises (if any?) disturbing their sleep.
    We actually have 2 but they are now adults in their 20's.
    But neither have any partners & I'm sure if & when they do, they will find somewhere more private than our home or maybe a motel ?
  5. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Yes, when they were in college, working, and engaged (i. e. young adults).

    Of course, my 27 year old daughter lives with me and has her gf here about five nights out of seven.
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  6. Only if they pinky swore to go the rest of their lives doing it in no other position than good old fashion missionary with the lights out and their eyes closed, with the same person decade after decade after decade, with at least 4 hrs of effective communication under the supervision of a trained counsellor before they even thought of having sex and then still feel really dirty and guilty about it
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  7. lively_girl

    lively_girl Member

    Yes, I would when they were old and mature enough.
    Their room would be their place to live and be free as long as they weren't harming themselves or someone else.
    As long as they were responsible about it, practiced safe sex, were reasonably quiet and didn't bring strangers to the house I wouldn't have a problem with it.

    Having sex is normal behaviour, so why would I try to prohibit it? I'm having sex myself, so obviously I don't think it's immoral. Why would it then be immoral for someone else to have it in the privacy of their own personal space?

    The age of consent here is 15 but I think most people of that age aren't mature enough. I would discourage my kids from having sex before they are at least 16 years old and would want them to follow age difference formula [x/2+7] while they are still in high school.
  8. S&L

    S&L Member

    with whom?
    each other (siblings)?
    with parent?
  9. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    Yes. My children are way past staying with us now but we had no problems.We used to lie in bed giggling saying "please don't let them make a noise" Thankfully it never happened to our knowledge. We truly would have disgraced ourselves with fits of laughter that certainly would have been heard all over the house! ;) Our children were encouraged to bring friends to the house their whole lives and therefore it would have been a bit strange to suddenly say it wasn't aceptable.
  10. gothictexan

    gothictexan Guest

    When me and my wife were dating she lived with her mom, we had sex all the time in her house. I am sure she knew cause my wife is loud in bed, but nothing was ever said about it.
  11. PhotoDude

    PhotoDude Member

    I would like to believe that I would say yes. ONLY if they are over 18.
  12. yooper2013

    yooper2013 Member

    I asked the question becouse I used to chat with someone who allowed her 15 year old son have sex with his GF in here house. They are both under age living in WI.
  13. gothictexan

    gothictexan Guest

    In that case no, when me and my then girlfriend did it at her moms house we were both of legal age.
  14. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    I would like to be, and DO plan on becoming, a parent who can say yes to that question. ESPECIALLY if/when my child(ren) were UNDER the age of 18. I mean, 'come on, if they were over 18, then they'd be adults legally. I'd still feel a bit better knowing they make love where they would be SAFE even when they are older....... BUT, first off, I wouldn't be against kids having sex before the age of 18, and second, if they did have sex with their partners before they turned 18, I'd want to make absolute sure that they could do so where they are safe(where they wouldn't get in some serious trouble, and where contraceptive item such as condoms would be available) provided that they understood BOTH the good things and potential danger of having sexual intercourse, and that they still believed in what they were about to do.

    That's my opinion, anyway.
  15. Danee

    Danee Member

    It is too vague a question for me to answer. I would like to think that I would be supportive of it, if I knew the partners and liked them and their relationship. IE: loving and caring and such.
    I would much rather my kids enjoy this wonderful part of life in a comfortable environment then in some place that was not that.
  16. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    If only to get them off the front lawn.
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  17. hornyape

    hornyape Member

    When our daughter moved back at the age of 20 and she had her bf round, it was a bit difficult to stop them, (and she didnt exactly ask for permission)! Just as long as I couldnt hear them!!
  18. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor


    my reasoning would be that if they think theyre old enough to make their own children then theyre old enough to move out and make their own nest.
  19. kokujin

    kokujin Senior Member

    i wouldn't.
  20. T.C.

    T.C. Member

    I used to have sex with my gf under my parents' roof! We locked the bedroom door and did what we had to do (I had a double bed).
    Don't know if they suspected something, but I think only "stupids" wouldn't.
    And often at least one of my parents was at home! :D

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