All We Are Saying...

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by olhippie54, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. olhippie54

    olhippie54 Touch Of Grey Lifetime Supporter give PEACE a chance.
  2. Kilgore Trout

    Kilgore Trout Senior Member

    RIP Johnnie Lennon.
    *joins in singing*
  3. happyhippyflower

    happyhippyflower Sucker Punch

    I'll give a peace of ass a chance. Sure.
  4. olhippie54

    olhippie54 Touch Of Grey Lifetime Supporter

    Let's talk!!!
  5. Xac

    Xac Visitor

    Ill give peace a chance if you chance a piece :p
  6. happyhippyflower

    happyhippyflower Sucker Punch

    Oh big boi you so nasty. But I fear your stamina levels have tapered off over the years. Bring the kid.
  7. Epiphany

    Epiphany Copacetic

  8. mynameiskc

    mynameiskc way to go noogs!

    i believe in the evolutionary and biological necessity of warfare.
  9. Lodog

    Lodog ¿

    That, and I'd be out of a job if peace was achieved.
  10. HippyCor$ter

    HippyCor$ter Ackamonkey

    Obviously people didn't give peace a chance because were still fighting today.:confused:
  11. Death

    Death Grim Reaper

  12. halloweenriot

    halloweenriot Member

    ...... all we are saying ..... is ...... FREE Mark David Chapman !!!!

    Political Prisoner:
  13. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    Peace should be like a pebble dropped in a pond....let the ripples spread outward!
  14. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    peace would have a chance..if we only destroyed the influences of governments & religions
    oh yea lets not forget the corporsations that get rich off of people dying
  15. jerry420

    jerry420 Doctor of everything Lifetime Supporter

    my friends mom has a flyer from NYC from john and yoko wishing everyone a merry christmas
  16. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    I own that poster... it's in my room in France.. but I think I'm gonna get another one for my room in the U.S :)
  17. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    You idiot
  18. iscreamchocolate

    iscreamchocolate Senior Member

    If I give peace a chance... is their any way any of you can get me some milk chocolate?? I have a craving for it right now.
  19. SuperAspie

    SuperAspie Banned

    I'm definatly all for peace, but I would HATE if someone randomly walked up to me and tried to shake my hand. I have a neurological disorder and one of it's affects is social impairments. Someone shaking my hand could cause me a panic attack. If the world ended up how you said it would have people killing themselves from frequent handshakes. I'll bet you think I'm exaggerating, but if you do than your an ignorant bastard who doesn't have the right to respond to my don't.
  20. iscreamchocolate

    iscreamchocolate Senior Member

    hmm.... *shakes superaspie's hand*

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