All of My Money Was Stolen, And I Have Nowhere To Go!!!

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Sweet_Sangria, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Sweet_Sangria

    Sweet_Sangria Member

    Please..... All but a scant amount of my money was stolen my first day in Amsterdam, and I am currently waiting on some money from home, but the guy i'm staying with has gotten creepier by the day... I was an idiot, i'll admit staying with him after meeting him on the streets, but i'm really desperate now and need ANYWHERE!!!! to stay.....

    Please, anybody.... if you can help, let me know, i will be trying to check my emails later today (as often as i can) and will be at the openbare bibliotheek on the prinsengracht for awhile (i have no desire to go back "home").... this guy has definitely helped me out, but has gotten meaner by the day.... i think mostly because i won't sleep with him..... but please...... pleeeeeeease...... I am desperate.... I have nothing but the clothes i came with and i'm begging for someone to have pity on me.... he's thrown shit at me and grabbed my arms hard enough to leave bruises, but i have NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just for a day or two, and i will be out of your hair... if you can let me stay longer, i would be blessed....

    please email me @ or leave me a PM here...

    Thank you....

  2. AncientHippie

    AncientHippie Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    What a terrible thing to happen in such a great place.
    I feel so bad for you, and can do nothing except to offer my advice.

    There is a hostel in Vondel Park. People often hang out in front of the building to talk and meet people. If you go there and tell your story, maybe someone will help you out.

    Best of luck,


    PS - Here is a link for the Hostel
  3. darsunt

    darsunt Member

    Here is another hostel. I'm not big on the Christian element in it...but I think any hostel you'll get a better chance of being understood than other places.

    Walking distance from Central Train Station: Cross the bridge (opposite Central Station). Immediately turn left. Cross the street into Zeedijk. At the end of Zeedijk take the 3rd street on your right. Or take the metro from Central Station: first stop, called Newmarkt.
    Barndesteeg 21
    Website: (to make a reservation click here)
    +31 (0)20 6253230
    +31 (0)20 6232282
  4. darsunt

    darsunt Member

    I've a post where someone is willing to let you crash at their pad. Of course I have no idea who this person is. Do you want it?

    Also I've been told there are plenty of homeless shelters (although those places are a bit nasty) and the US embassy is supposed to be helpful.
  5. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Yeah.. I work with homeless youngsters (16-23) in Amsterdam, so holla if you need an address for a shelter (theirs are better than those of the salvation army, because there are no junks etc.).. but somehow your story is a bit strange.. if it's true what you're saying, you have to go to the US embassy and make sure you'll get back home.
  6. I agree velvet, first you create a thread called why won't anyone talk to me and now all of a sudden your creating attention with a thread called All of My Money Was Stolen, And I Have Nowhere To Go!!!

    strage, coincidence that at the same time when your complaning about no one talking to you, all of a sudden something happens which makes it so people will have to talk to you.
  7. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Yeah.. well.. if what she's saying is true, then she has kind of communication problems, which is too bad.. if she's untrue, then it's just pathetic so.. ah well.

    If I may suggest something benjamin.. remove the link/statement in your sig.. be the bigger person here.. she's is not even worth your attention when she flames you like that. In fact, if she's trying to get attention is such a desperate/pathetic way, then you are just playing along her game by your sig.. just a thought.

    SweetSangria.. I really wish you all the best, 'cause either way you seem to be in a difficult period in your life. Again, if you are really broke and lost in Amsterdam, I can provide you with an address of a good youthshelter, but again, I would go the the US embassy if I were you. Good luck!
  8. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    ohhh.. dear Jessica!!!

    so bad what happened to you!!! My wallet was stolen in Copenhagen some months ago.. and I still dunno have all my documents/cards.. I can understand very well how bad is your situation!!

    the entire backpack!!! damn.. how and why?? that sucks my dear!!!! :-(

    If I was living in Amsterdam my home would have been your home of course, but as you know I am living in Roskilde now... quite far... and I dunno any friend in Amsterdam which can help you!

    ehy.... Amsterdam people, who is on the forum?????

    I hope you can manage the situation... I'm looking forward to meet you at the Roskilde Festival, hoping everything is gonna be alright!!!!

    take care Jessica!!!!!
    many hugs from me (and Ana, who in online on MSN now)

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