all night long, but love?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by PetLover, Jan 25, 2005.

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    My lover and I regularly stay up all night having sex, playing with each other, talking, etc. We've been together unofficially (sexing but not "dating") for a year and dating for about 5 months. I have always had a good libido, but I never dreamed sex could get so good! The best part is that our relationship isn't all about sex. We give each other little suprises, make time for each other, and are conscious of having "personal space" and there are other signs of "love". I've always been cinical of claims of "in-love", but this feels real. Am I crazy to think this might be it? Does "in love" exist?

    I've never been dumped, I've always been the one to do the dumping. I've never really been that into any of my lovers. I mean, I'll love them, sure. But in-love? no way, and there are always more fish in the sea. Now, though, I am sure I would cry if he left me, and that's saying something. maybe I've never been this infatuated before? or is it love? I feel like he might be my soul mate but I don't want to give in to the desire if I'm going to get burned for it later.
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    i think the only one who can tell you if you love someone is you...
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    if you spend a lot more than year with that person, get to know every tiniest detail, overcome obstacles life will put into your way with that person, get to know shit about him and you will still find him the loveliest.. then youre close
    it is very hard to distinguish between love and just attraction
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    It's better to have lost at love than to have never loved before. Cliche, I know, but so true. You have to put your heart out there at some time or another sweetie. Let those walls down, otherwise you may regret it later. Give in to that desire..let yourself be LOVED. *sigh* I need that so bad in my life right now. I just can't find "the one". I guess it comes when you least expect it though, right?
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    well it's his job to make you feel secure and if he can't do that then you shouldn't let yourself fall in love any further. Fearing a relationship ending is no way to have a relationship-why tourture yourself?
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    also don't forget the beer and toilet paper.........
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    my dear you're in love..all u got to do is admit it to yourself. Don't shy away from it like u typically do...You make time for each other and give each other surprises you say??? From just booty to dating? Well that says you are creating a space for your love to grow. It's no longer just about sex is it??? Don't be so concern with the labeling here, your "in love" or you "love," either way the feelings are there...This is just what I think..
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    I agree.

    And what I would add is that you can never be sure that love won't leave you. That means you don't know if YOU'LL ever fall out of love, and you don't know if your LOVER will ever fall out of love. It's a big big chance you take. You learn to enjoy it while you have it, and deal with it when it goes away. You certainly can't refuse to take the risk just because you may someday lose the lover. There is a big huge valid reason why they say, "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

    Your fear of losing this great thing is preoccupying you, when you should allow that kind of thinking to just slip away, and live for the love you have NOW.

    I'm not shittin' you, I KNOW it's hard. But it's what you gotta do.

    And for what it's worth, I'm jealous of you having all this great wonderful sex. :&


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