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    well i just watched a show on the Discovery channel that interviewed a man *who did not want his identity revieled* that says he was trained by the DIA (defence intelligence agency) and his job was working with the "men in black" a top-secret government organization that's purpose was to cover up any evidence of UFO encounters.

    he also stated that there were many times he saw actual aliens *that part i don't believe*

    Apparently these "men in black" were at Roswell, Kecksburg (sp?) and many other UFO sightings

    i do believe that there is another lifeform out there. and i also believe that it would be beneficial for the human race to know that there was something more powerful out there. because as a race we have the mentality that we are the best, we are the most powerful, and we control everything. if we knew there was something else out there it would put us in our place.

    anyone else believe in aliens?
  2. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    I am an alien.All that other stuff is bulllshit
    I don't even bother with government
    I just pray on the captive gullible - single mothers,and guys claiming benefit.
    We have your name - we will question you shortly
    password: 40932__gGhhhertyi_'''m-taaaaaa---king--------the---pi=ss

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