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Discussion in 'Politics' started by johnplanters, Jun 3, 2004.

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    I'm a student at Rutgers, where this website, is gaining in massive popularity, because it's streaming a controversial documentary by a guy named Alex Jones, an alleged major comiler for Michael Moore's latest flick. It's called Police State III:Total Enslavement [

    It's a fairly chilling examination of critical news that gets back-page placement. I've never heard of Jones, but so many people are talking about it. Has anyone heard of Alex Jones? I can't find any substantive info on him?
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    Sensationalist spin. I'm sure some of it holds weight, but most it's just bs. The U.S. Bill of Rights being burned and concentration camps set up? No.
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    He is a syndicated talk show host out of Texas whose programs are mostly found on shortwave, although a few AM and FM stations carry his show as well. I have mentioned him and his show on the 'America Attacks' section under the thread 'Interesting Talk Show Hosts' at the bottom of page two.

    As I've said before, he is NOT afraid to cover controversial issues and expose government corruption and atrocities. If you can get around the fact that his shows carry religious overtones, he's definitely worth listening to! Of course, you have to take some of what he says with a grain of salt. His websites below provide intersting links and articles and they're well worth checking out! Hope this helps:

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