Alcohol and Piss Tests

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by MrDot, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    I have a piss test thursday, smoked sunday night also got shitfaced. My question is, will drinking alotta alcohol help make you clear for a urine test? Considering beer/liquor really flushes your system, I'm sure someone has clarified that but I'm a noob when it comes to piss tests. I have 2 40s, weigh 118lbs, should it work? I've been chuggin alotta water as well.

    Eh, edit, how well does vinigar work? I hear it just dilutes the urine, but how true is this?
  2. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    No. From what I've deducted, just make sure that you don't eat on the day of the test, and drink a ton of water up to that point, and if possible work out for 2-3 hours on the day of the test and you'll be fine. Seems like a lot of crap to go through, but if it's for a job, I'd say it's a good cause.
  3. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    Hm, then why does water help you pass a piss test? Like what is it exactly, I just thought the alcohol would work because I can drink a shit ton of beer and then piss like there is NO TOMMOROW, like I don't stop untill I pass out lol.
  4. so you smoked sunday much

    and what about the week before
  5. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    I smoked 3 bowl packs, maybe a total of a gram sunday night? and the week before I had one bowl pack. Other than those two times I haven't done it for like 2 months, but I slipped up during the most important weeks lol.
  6. bullshit.. you'll be fine

    forget the beer thing it won't do any good and cut back on the exercise today.

    don't eat any fatty foods.

    your test is thurs... tomorrow get a big jug of OJ or cranberrry juice ..even water fine

    thurs. get up way before the test and start drinking whatever and pee as many times as you can before the test... never give them the first pee of the morning!!

    taking some vitamins will give some color too.

    and go ahead and pee right before you get there.. tell them you tried to hold it , but couldn't.. they will point out the water cooler to

    so if they say your color is low.. tell them they were the ones who told you to drink more water... worse case is they will reschedule.. biut if that's all you really smoked you should be fine

    I've been bottled some many times it's pathetic ... drinking water only matters the day of the test.. that's when you reduce the ppm to below threshold levels
  7. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    Okay man, thanks a lot. I'll take your advice. I have some vitamins that really give my piss color, all I have to do is take 2 lol. My court date is at like 2:30, so I have plenty of time to drink water. I'm still downing those 40z tonight!
  8. I wouldn't drink any alcohol.. period sort of brings it up in to your system

    but then again if that's all you have smoked .. you should be okay

    if you are really worried about it .. then buy one of those cheap pee test from the drug store and test yourself

    just make sure you pee 3-4 times before the test
  9. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    Does alcohol seriously make it come up? Dang, that sucks.

  10. well pee test suck !! certainly for the herb

    just chill !! have the beers after the test to celebrate :D

    fuck you can wait a couple of days .. can't ya?

    if you have advance knowledge of when the test is and show some restraints on partying there is no reason to fail

    if it's random or the high dollar test< $300> .. you're screwed

    I don't make the rules, I just know how to bend them :rofl:
  11. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    ha, yeah I suppose I can wait, it's for court so it won't be no outta the box bullshit most likely. lol
  12. bigmannn

    bigmannn Member

    Go out for a run or exercise a ton tonight! Tomorrow eat normal. After lunch start drinking water..alot. Thursday morning DO NOT EAT at all. Wake up atleast 4 hours before your test. Drink a good amount of a gallon. Make sure you pee atleast 3 times before your test. Trust me this is your best chance. Its stored in your fat. Nothing else is proven to work. If you can try and cheat it. Peace and GL!
  13. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    Hey, thanks for the advice man. Pretty much what I'ma do, I worked out tonight (as I do everynight) and have been drinking a lot of water. I plan to wake up at 8ish thursday morning, have court at 2:15. Something strange, my court times are always at 2:15. ?? lol
  14. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    AYYY, thanks guys, it worked. I BARELY passed, literatly, the PO was being an asshole saying "I know you were flushing your system I can tell." So I got a little mouthy and asked him if he had one single fucking problem with drinking water? Hell if they can say drinking water is bad. :]
  15. jahmin

    jahmin Member

    find out for sure if you're in the clear before you start smoking again-- if they're legally allowed to test you again, and he thinks you're flushing it, they'll almost certainly call you back
  16. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    Well yeah, I got probation. I get random piss tests now.
  17. well you're screwed then.. better give it up for awhile
  18. you shouldn't of been running... you tap on the fat reserves and that's where it's store..
  19. and let me guess.. you drank those beers the other night too.. right?
  20. MrDot

    MrDot Senior Member

    No sir, I'm gonna save them for the day of my first piss test, I doubt after the first one they'll give me another one 1-3 days later. I have a few brain cells left ha.

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