Al Sharpton, Louis Faracon, and Jesse Jackson

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by Higherthanhell, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. SunLion

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    It's a sad day when people hold non-presidents to a higher standard than the President himself. None of those people you mention are president or in any remotely comparable position of power. But they're free to express their views, but their views, mistaken and otherwise, do not have the devastating consequences we've seen from this administration's actions and deliberate inactions.

    It reminds me of how some people automatically disregard anything said by a rock star or movie star. Those people have just as much right to express their views as anyone. Additionally, people who are successful in such endeavors are often unusually success-driven, and/or have an unusual perspective on life and have habits of persistence that lead to achievement.

    Also, people whose views turn out to be incorrect often help solve the very problem that they were "wrong" about:

    Regarding "continental drift," that model has been proven incorrect, and there are very few (if any) geologists today who still regard it as an accurate model. Wegener's ideas were brilliant, and his evidence was compelling, but upon further testing, he turned out to be incorrect. But that's the beauty of science- you can be wrong and still contribute directly to the development of a different solution, in this case plate tectonics (not the same as "continental drift," as any Geology 101 class will teach you).

    Regarding Imus, I didn't see the program to know the full context of his comments. But I've heard Carlin say he wanted to see airliners full of people crash and burn, I've heard Chris Rock asy he wants to exterminate all "niggers." In America, by the time you're 13, you will have heard thousands of things more "offensive" than what Imus said, so I agree with you that Imus got a bum deal. There's something more to that story, perhaps, and if so, we may never know what it is.
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    Its so maddening to me since have of the leaders of the black community have said some of the most anti-semetic insensitive things.But Jesse Jackson says hymie town he gets to apologize and keeps his job as the biggest employer of black supremeist.He marched in front of the building to get Don Imus fired iam sure Jackson wouldve appreciated a march like that after his anti-semetic views were displayed.
  3. Pepik

    Pepik Banned

    They needed to get rid of Imus because he was going to blow the cover on 911! It woz a conspiracy!!!1!1!
  4. Jezmund

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    Sharpton and Jackson are both puppets themselves. it was the perfect way to dis credit Imuns and get rid of him at the same time
  5. gardener

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    Who do you think pays for their fancy suits and chauffered limousines? The black populus? Who made them media stars, above the other voices in the movement?

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