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    What is all the hype about with a new company called Agloco? Well for those of you who do not even know who or what Agloco is then keep reading because it very well could be the next big internet franchise even those of you who already know about Agloco this blog may prove to be helpful, if not an interesting read to spark more of your ideas.

    Who or what is Agloco?

    Agloco is simply a pay to surf program, by pay to surf I simply mean that you get paid for surfing the internet as you normally would. If you were to do a simple search on the internet you can easily find hundreds if not thousands of pay to surf programs, so what makes Agloco so different then all the others?

    Their History!

    You see Agloco already has an outstanding track record, does anyone remember a pre-dot com boom company by the name of AllAdvantage? If not let me give you a brief history lesson on AllAdvantage.

    AllAdvantage was a pre-dot com website (before 1998) that gave regular people the opportunity to make money on the internet by sharing part of there ad revenue with them and in an extremely short time (2 years to be exact) AllAdvantage grew to be one of the biggest and most profitable ad revenue website, they made over 200 million and signed up over 10 million people. In total AllAdvantage gave out more then 120 million dollars to their members and some people were able to make a small living from doing basically nothing.

    So what does all of this have to do with Agloco?, well Agloco was created by the same people who created AllAdvantage, some people and some websites are already calling Agloco a reincarnation of AllAdvantage because AllAdvantage did eventually fell victim to the sharp decline in advertising spending as the dot-com bubble and the U.S. economy entered a recessionary period in mid-2000.

    The Dot-Com Bubble Effect!

    We now know a bit of history behind Agloco and we know that they have succeeded in the past. So what makes this time around so different?, this is simple and the answer is the dot-com bubble is now over, it actually ended close to 6 years ago now, you see during the dot-com bubble the economy was in a recession and people lost millions but other companies were able to make billions, just have a look at Google, they were a dot-com bubble success. After the dot-com bubble up until now millions of additional people have came online and the internet has easily grown into the worlds largest marketplace and it continues to grow each and every day.

    All of these factors lead to an overall success of a company, in order for a company to make money they need people to give them money and if there are not enough people then there is no money to make. On the internet today there is more people spending money then at any other time in the history of the internet. This means that huge companies need these people to buy from them so they do what they have been doing for years and that is advertise there product or service and they are willing to pay big bucks for some good exposure, as most of us know this already considering advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry.

    Back On Track

    Ok I've gotten off track a bit with the history lesson so let's get back on track. See Agloco is basically a big advertising company who gets paid from companies all over the internet in an attempt to get people to their website and this is where you come in and it's also what makes Agloco different from it's predecessor AllAdvantage.

    The more members that sign up for Agloco means the more advertising money Agloco will make and in return the more money you will make because when you become a member of Agloco you also become a part owner of their company. The company pays you in stocks and cash for certain countries and all you need to do is install a very small Agloco toolbar known as the Viewbar. When you have the Viewbar installed you simply surf the internet for a maximum of 5 hours a month and after that if you do not like the Viewbar in your internet browser you can simply minimize it until the next month.

    The Next Step!

    So how much can you make? Well a couple week’s ago Agloco gave us that answer and in a news brief (Which you can find in my blog) they stated that for every hour surfed you will earn one share up to a maximum of five hours surfed per month.

    This might not sound like much to you because if you’ve done the math you’ve already noticed that you can only make a total of 5 shares per month but this is not entirely true. In order for you to start earning the big bucks you have to refer people because for every person you refer you get one share per hour that they surf with the viewbar installed and there is no limit to the amount of people that you can refer.

    As well you get to earn additional shares for each of your referrals who refer someone but that is as deep as the system goes so as you can see this can build up fairly quickly. I’m not going to go into the overall process involved here but I will be covering it at a later time and I will also be covering how to easily build up your referral network.


    To conclude this post I want to tell everyone about something that I’ve previously read all over the internet, however I’m uncertain of the accuracy of some of these articles. I have previously read that Bill Gates himself has been quoted saying “I like the idea behind Agloco, they have done excellent work in the past with AllAdvantage and I can defiantly see them going somewhere with Agloco”.

    I don’t know about you but I like to listen to thing’s like this because when a multi-billionaire who created a company which put a computer in every home in America says he likes an idea and says that it can lead somewhere I’m all ears.

    Additionally to all of this Agloco is 100% free to join and I look at it as free money in the short future, all I’m sacrificing is a little bit of my time to tell people about it and if the company continues to do good and starts to payout millions of dollars I’ll get to cash in on this success, on the other hand if they completely fail in their endeavor then I’m not effected because I don’t have any money invested with them, all I really lost was a couple hour’s of my time.

    The risk is zero but the rewards could very well be endless is the way I look at it and I also like to think that it’s better to be safe then sorry. I once new an older person who had the opportunity to buy into a franchise for a mere 5000 bucks but this person thought that It was a complete waste of his money because they would never lead any ware so he didn’t invest.

    Maybe you’ve heard of the company it’s called “McDonalds” the now multi-billion dollar food chain. I personally don’t want to make that same error in judgment do you?

    You can join Agloco by simply clicking going
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    sounds like spammy bullshit to me! Also they are using pyramid sales techniques which are illegal in the UK as are the promises of owning shares in the company, because to do that the company must first be registered as having limited liability and then must state how many shares the company has issued for distribution in total. It must then not make any more available, so for example the company would state from the beginning that it intends to issue 10,000 shares and that is all it can issue - else the value of its shares will devalue - if the company is worth £30,000 then its shares would be worth £3 each - if it then issued a further 10,000 shares they would be worth £1.50

    so you see the whole advert is bullshit as it makes no mention of the terms under which shares are issued and what number of shares you need to have either a viable financial proposition or a seat on the board.

    This is not just bullshit its an insult to the intelligence of anyone reading it! and infact is probably an illegal adsense scam
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    Stop spamming the forums [​IMG]
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    You don't understand.Did you heard for AllAdvantage?This is Agloco today,and have many users,and it's not bullshit.Visit my blog and you will see what is Agloco.
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    It is free,and you have nothing to lose.Today we can do so many things on net.Why don't try earn some money?
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    What is AGLOCO?

    It is a system that connects advertisers and online retailers with their potential customers - internet users.

    How do I earn?

    Become a member, download the Viewbar™ and browse as you normally would! No need to change your habits! Viewbar™ will observe your surfing and display relevant ads accordingly. You will be paid for each hour you have the Viewbar™ turned on while surfing (up to five hours per month). But this is not the only way of making profit, because you will also get a percentage of surfing hours of your friends', whom you invited to AGLOCO™.

    How do I invite my friends to AGLOCO™?

    When joining AGLOCO™ you will receive your ID and your own link to the Join Agloco form. Your friends only need to follow the link and join. That's how you'll be earning more with each friend you refer. Even more, you will gather profit even for friends of your friends, down to five levels of referrals.

    So is AGLOCO™ just another pyramid scheme?

    Absolutely not. The main driving force of those are high join fees. AGLOCO™ is free so it can't be a pyramid scheme.

    How do I know that this is not just another scam or ponzi scheme?

    Scams are usually not founded by 15 people, including 8 Stanford's MBA, that have partners in universities like Stanford, Michigan, etc. and companies like IBM and Wikia.

    Will I have to surf on webpages chosen in advance (like in auto-surf programs)?

    AGLOCO™ specifically states that users should not change their surfing habits. When you are surfing with Viewbar™ turned on, do it exactly like when it is turned off.

    So where does the money come from?

    AGLOCO™ earns money for its users by selling ads that are displayed in Viewbar™, through different affiliate programs and redirections to search engines.

    Does it really work?

    Yes! A similar system was already underway in year 2000, but it crashed in the dot-com crash of 2001, because of the immaturity of the internet itself and the lack of modern marketing systems. Nevertheless, it payed out more than $100 million to its users!

    Do I have to pay a sign-up free?

    AGLOCO™ doesn't charge you with anything, it is completely free!

    What about security? I wouldn't like my email to be sold to some spam companies.

    AGLOCO™ has one of the best Privacy Policies out there. Besides that they have a special security only chairperson, CPO (Chief Privacy Officer), whose only job is to protect private data of AGLOCO™ users!

    How do I join?

    All you have to do is, click on the button below, fill in your data, download Viewbar™* and start browsing!

    It sounds to good to be true!

    We are aware of that, but what do you have to lose? You don't have to invest anything but your time to recruit new members. Which is nothing compared to the benefits you get by being an AGLOCO™ member.

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