Aging and Dying

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by ricerocket420, May 19, 2013.

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    I've been trying to contemplate the process of aging and death and I believe the purpose is to prevent the life experience from becoming tedious. For example if when you went to sleep every night you could be totally in control and submersed in your dream to the point it was no different than normal reality, and the time you subjectively spent there was up to you ( 1 minute or 1 million years etc.) First night you would probably live out all your sexual fantasies until you were over that and it got boring (it would happen even if it sounds unlikely). Then proceed to whatever other aspirations you have in life on the following nights, eventually you would complete everything you have ever imagined you wanted but what would you do then ? You would come up with ways to challenge yourself and forget that you were dreaming and making all this up in the first place. Eventually you would come up with the very world you are living in right now :sultan:
  2. Interesting. I like that.
  3. themnax

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    the little grey cells, they go to sleep one by one, but the true self, it maybe goes on contemplating its navel.
  4. FlyingFly

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    lucid dreaming

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