African spirituality thats not voodoo (Yokami and the power of now)

Discussion in 'Paganism' started by africalinali, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Eledumare!!!! African spirituality, minus voodoo, meditation techniques, non manipulative magic where you meld into universal energy, circle of life just to flow with it, is the most ancient holy of African magic, that truly connects all beings back to source. divorced from hiding in false Christianized context. it has many names but Yokami if what I call it, it is the endless lifestream we breath, feel Africa everywhere know its okay. its not hung up on past but lives joyfully in the NOW
    this is not ancestor worship, because it believes spirits can only exist truly in the present moment, which makes every time you remember, the magic, you have returned in essence to Africa, and to the endless lifestream which exists to heal nurture and grow all beings, and show us the formless essence of our nature. it doesnt believe in ancestors but that all creation is united in every being, it believes we must detach africa from the stories of tragedy, in order for it to grow again, and that in growing it again, the wrongs of the world cease moreso, because africa is connected to all peoples as a symbolic place of returning to connection with nature, when we do these we actually reach a much more advanced part of our spirits which is ancient and has always been alive, but we have to clear images in our mind of what africa is first, and just experience the energy in its pure form. thats the whole key to Yomaki, it says the endless stream of spirit energy, lifestream is real, while the physicallized forms we see are largely just metaphorical... thats why its power to transform the world is so great, yet it doesnt conform to selfish desires but weaves us all into a greater egoless thread that is the tree of life, which ensures the growth and fairness to all...

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