afraid of skin cancer

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Bella Désordre, May 25, 2007.

  1. Bella Désordre

    Bella Désordre Charmed

    I just looked at all my sun damage and premature aging and realized I am going to get cancer and look like shit when I get old if I keep tanning. I am cancelling my membership tommorow. It never clicked that being really fair and tanning almost everyday is a combo for skin cancer. I can't believe how much sun damage my body has. I have permanent tan lines that never change. This is wrong man. What's wrong with my priorities. i swear it's this county, bad for your brain and your soul.
  2. LuckyStripe

    LuckyStripe Mundane.

    I was talking to Chris on the phone the other week about an article I read about how if you have one or two blisters from the sun growing up your risk of the deadlist type of skin cancer goes up by an insane percentage.... I forget what but it's high and having just three sunburns ever it goes up by 30 percent or something. I'm not sure of the numbers and I'm too lazy to look them up right now but it's outragerous.

    It seems like when we were growing up they didn't know just how dangerous the sun was.... mad people were still laying out in baby oil and nowdays it seems the risk is more known but who knows what some of us will have to deal with later from when we were small kids.

    I've had a couple CRAZY, HUGE blisters from burns growing up myself and I'm freckled so... Idk, the thing with skin cancer risks is you gotta watch your skin. Any changes and get to the doctor right away because skin cancer is very curable if caught early.
  3. jerry420

    jerry420 Doctor of everything Lifetime Supporter

    i for one welcome it...
  4. Weaveworld

    Weaveworld wayward

    Oh shit! :eek:
    I got blistered up so severe one summer when I was a kid that I couldn't even stand to throw a towel over my shoulders.
    I wasn't trying to tan though. Had simply spent all day out in the sun while swimming.

    I remember my mom and her friends used to use baby oil mixed with iodine back then.
  5. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    i've blistered before, nice quarter sized blisters all over my back when i was about 10 haha

    i actually just bubbled up from getting burnt this past week

    was planning on going to the beach today, but with it being so hot out today, i dont' think its a good idea since i'm still a bit burnt and dont' want to damage my skin moreso right now :(
  6. Posthumous

    Posthumous Resident Smartass

    I grew up in Florida and have been burnt to a crisp a million times. Mostly, we surfed at least one day a week, and a lot more if the waves were good or there was a hurricane coming. In that case, we'd stay for hours, often being swept 15 or 20 miles downshore, hitch a ride, and do it again and again. I've fried my back beyond belief more than I care to count.
  7. LuckyStripe

    LuckyStripe Mundane.

    Haha Chris.... Yeah, I'll be at my friend's pool probably tomorrow..... me pretty much staying out of the sun yesterday and today though is probably a good idea being that I'm still peeling a bit myself.
  8. kjhippielove88

    kjhippielove88 color + rhyme

    ive never had sun blisters or a sun burn. ive seen them and they look terribly painful. even though i have dark skin and wont burn i should still be wearing a slacker when it comes to that stuff
  9. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    good for you, lyns. while i'll always talk about the emotional assistance of uv rays, i LOVE LOVE LOVE my sunblock. mind you, i'm not really all that fair skinned, though.
  10. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Since genetics has given me a natural tan I do not seek out the sun, I allow it to find me.


  11. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    Everything in moderation. If you're still craving the tan look--sunless tanning products have gotten a lot better over the past few years. NOT that spray on mystic-tan shit either--brands from Hawaiian Tropic to Clarins have really good sunless tanners now that finally don't make you look orange; might be worth checking out.
  12. asilos vulnerado

    asilos vulnerado Senior Member

    I personally don't really get the whole point of tanning. I don't really think being tan makes you any more attractive than if your not tan. When I was 8 my mom had a Basil cell and I watched the skin doctor take it off it was pretty gross. Skin cancer is bad shit, you dont want it:(
  13. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    given my genetic background, if i don't get enough sun, i look and feel ill. i do, in fact, look better tan. i feel better when i've gotten enough solar rays. but i'm a HUGE fan of sun block and tan in a can.
  14. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Tanning has two great ironies:

    1) while tanning has always been associated with health and vitality, the long term effects of exposure to the sun is detrimental to overall health.

    2) the darker you are, the quicker you tan [​IMG]

  15. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    it's true. i tan so fast even under a thorough slicking up of spf 50 several times a day.
  16. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Genetic Background?

    Are we talking Procol Harum's A whiter shade of pale here :H

  17. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    nah. native american, portuguese, black irish (celtic), the white comes from the german side of my family. even the english side was heavily influenced by portuguese.
  18. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    yea, i look much better when i get some sun...usually i'm not already this dark, but i like it...i think i'll be a beach bum until work starts :D
  19. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    i'm a nice red/bronze. it looks RIGHT.
  20. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    i get to a nice tan that makes me able to look wicked good wearing orange :D

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