Afraid of Love

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by LurdGanaro, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    That sounds awesome :) I think you won't regret this, even if it doesn't turn out :)
  2. NomadQueen

    NomadQueen Member

    try not to hurt him either.
    if he is in love and you're not sure how you feel yet he is already more vulnerable to you and it may cause him to be more sensitive to you.

    the people i love most hurt me the most and thats not cuz they are more likely to do something mean but becuase im more sensitive to them, so when someone i love does something negetive it hurts more then if someone i didnt love did it.

    dont just focus on your needs and risks and vulnerabilities and you might not feel so spooked by them and realize he has them too. though i understand where you are coming from. im glad you are trying it again. good luck
  3. LurdGanaro

    LurdGanaro Member

    Good call Nomad...he told me today that he figured out that he's not ready for love... that he's too afraid!!! OMG WE'RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER! Anyway, I get to try and soothe his fears now. Too bad he's not on this site where people will shout at him to get over it, and at the same time provide constructive suggestions and I can only hope for the best now. But I'll survive either way, I think.
  4. Yazzz

    Yazzz Member

    Best advice I never followed is to take things slow, don't see eachother too often in the beginning, etc... would have saved me some pain and misery if I had followed that advice in the past.

    I guess if you are around someone too much or all of the time you don't really get to know who they are day in and day out the same way you would have if you'd only seen them like maybe 2 days a week or something for the first few months...
  5. LurdGanaro

    LurdGanaro Member

    yeah, good point, will bear it in mind. Thanks Yazzz. :)
  6. LurdGanaro

    LurdGanaro Member

    We're back in a relationship, btw. i convinced him with charming sweetness. But then he went and made me feel terrible by saying that he's most likely going to break my heart and hurt me b/c he doesn't think that he's a good person. Idk what to make of it anymore. I've already distanced myself from it just in case. He's already starting to make me feel like he's in it for the sex. Which he insulted me on, btw. I hate him in some ways. I love him in is complicated.

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