Advise for tutoring a 5-year-old

Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by Compassion_serenity, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. I just starting teaching my friends 5-year-old boy and he has a short attention span and i am wondering if anyone has any advise for teaching techniques or anything...thanks.
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    I'd say go with his best methods of learning. Do you know what they are?

    Little boys often do best while being active. Have him jump rope, bike or whatever during lessons.

  3. homeschoolmama

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    If he's 5, the NORMAL attention span is 5-10 minutes. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. However, it can be tough to try to work with.

    Kids with short attention spans tend to do better with routines, calming "tricks," and short bursts of lessons.

    Try doing the same type of thing each day - something like:
    4:00pm - run around outside, playing with balls/bikes/balance beams... something with large motor skills
    4:15pm - sing a few songs with body/hand motions
    4:20pm - come inside to read a book together
    4:30pm - work on ONE daily lesson
    4:45pm - have a "structured" playtime (like playdough or a sand-table)
    5:00pm - work on another daily lesson

    Calming tricks can be woven into a routine easily - things like reading a quiet book or listening to soothing music for 5-10 minutes before having him sit down to work on his numbers or letters. That way his mind/body will be ready for quiet activities & you won't be fighting TOO many "wiggles."

    And try to plan no more than 15 minutes of structured lessons at once. When possible, use games/gimmics/hands on learning too. Things like cooking to help him with simple fractions (pour 4 1/4 cup measures into the 1-cup to show him quarters) or adding up the dots on a domino for simple addition. If he can hang onto & work with something as he's learning he'll be far more likely to remember it :)
  4. Alaskan

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    Hi all:
    When I was trying to get my oldest daughter ready for school when she was 5, she had the attention span of a sneeze.
    On numbers and basic math, opened two rolls pennies, to count, add and subtract.
    Trying to do it with paper and pencil wasn't going to fly.
    Kept the pennies in a jar on her dresser. Would catch her sometimes counting the pennies. Worked for us.
    Hope this helped a little.......Dennis


    I find Robert does well if I center him first also. Make sure h4e is well fed and rested before starting lessons.

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