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    My sweetie and I have been living together for 8 months. For the past 5 months we have worked different shifts. I work days and he works nights. We were spending weekends together when we were both off. Problem is, he started a new job, still night shifts, but he works weekends. So he has mondays and tuesdays off now instead. So, when I am home those nights, I am sleeping because I have to work the next morning. When I am working, he is sleeping and when I am off work he is working. I havent spent any quality time with him in 3 weeks now, since he started the new job. Any advice?
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    no, but I can sympathise. My sweety works days and I work nights and weekends and go to uni on the other days... its shit.
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    I would say just make the most of the few minutes you DO have together. Maybe plan on taking a monday or tuesday off in a few weeks and spend the day together.
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    What hours are your shifts? I know that when it was my husband (then boyfriend, and we weren't living together) who worked third shift, while I was in college and working evenings, we still managed to find a few hours we were both off at the same time. It meant taking a couple long naps instead of sleeping 8 hours, but we did it. Look at the hours you both work and find that window of opportunity and take advantage of the time you are both not at work to be together, even if it means not sleeping.
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    OT, I had to move this thread to Relationships. I know the OP is new. There is a clear guidline in the Stickeys to read in the Women's Issues Forum to PLEASE put any and all threads about Relationships IN the Relationships Forum, NOT the Women's Issues Forum.

    Otherwise the WIF would be completely clogged with threads that could better be handled in Relationships or Love and Sex. The WIF is for WOMEN'S ISSUES, not love and relationship advice. Thank you for your understanding. Ain't no thing, just please put them here next time. :)

    Thank you.


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    I suggest taking a day off, also, and spend time together. The idea of seeing if you have any hours off at the same time is also good.

    Hope that helps and good luck.

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