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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Clefft, May 8, 2013.

  1. Clefft

    Clefft Guest

    Hey, mooched around here a few times just on general research.

    I smoke weed daily and have done for a few years so you could say I have a pretty high tolerance.. Only the start of the year I experimented in drugs, started with coke and Mcat at a few parties, quickly realised that this stuff was horrible to do and vastly over rated. A month or two ago I took some pure MDMA, I've had a few experiences on this, most of which at a friends house on a sort of spiritual vibe. I tried Magic Truffles in Amsterdam one time with a friend and didn't really have a big trip on it just made me feel sick and sort of drunk.

    So anyways to the point I got my friend to order me some acid from a well known website.. (risky I know, but this stuff is hard to come about in the UK and I've never known anybody have it where I'm from, as it's pretty rural. He got them in the post today and we plan on taking them tomorrow. I'm going to a friends house to do them, maybe will be about 4/5 of us there and 2/3 of us doing acid.

    I'm pretty 'good' on drugs, never freak out or anything usually just pretty cool and chilled, Ive tripped off Molly a bunch of times but nothing major at all, (walls breathing; once my friend was binary code but that was for a second..didn't last sort of a quick glance-double take thing).

    My questions/thoughts are.

    How many people is TOO many people? (Everyone there will be good friends and people I trust.

    We plan to just vibe to some tunes and get trippy, have a laugh etc. HOWEVER, we always play on this bullshit that there's a ghost in the house and tbh I know there isn't, how easy/hard will it be to play this down? I sorta know in the back of my mind that these thoughts will occur. Obviously I know the advice (It's all in your head/remember you're on drugs) -- is it that easy?


    How to take the acid? Swallow it? Let it dissolve under your tongue??
    Also heard that water (tap water especially) kills the acid, is this true?

    How bad is the comedown? Like I said I've take Molly before amongst other synthetics, is it anything like that?

    As much as I admire the spiritual attraction to LSD, I like the idea of tripping. I have 5 tabs as we we're all planning on doing half hits.. Since reading some threads I've since decided I'm gonna go for the full tab, everyone else has since backed out. So many people say '1 tab is enough' and many others say to eat 2..? I know it's a question repeated so many times but I'm thinking a lot of the people on here have a tolerance to acid having done it a few times so do I REALLY need two for the exp I want?!

    Activities to do whilst high?! I've never seen anybody on the stuff. I saw a guy on YouTube, just staring at his TV screen and looked like he was having a really fun time doing it lol, but what I mean to say is; how functional will I be? I'm not expecting to be running about and have profound rises in energy levels but I would like to be doing something to keep my mind active and not let it wonder...too much.

    And anything else you can help me with is appreciated. This will bet first full phycadelic exp, and I'm more, not nervous but sceptical than I am scared. I feel like this could be the start of a great journey for me personally and I have A LOT to benefit!
  2. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    I usually hold it under the tounge and then swallow.

    It can be exhausting but it's usually not too bad, its not as sharp a comedown as MDMA can be. There can be an afterglow too.

    The number of tabs is sort of an unreliable guide for potency as dosages can vary, however LSD really shines at 2 + hits for me. 1 hit will be decent if its of quality strength.

    Listen/Play music
    Checkout pretty scenery are my favorites.

    Functionality can be weird on LSD. Often I'll get the impression that something may be near impossible to do and then I do it With ease and other times something that seems like it should be simple becomes an incomprehensible task. Much of it is dose dependent and likely individual variations but basically don't drive on LSD, going for a hike or walk should be fine.

    I usually don't care to interact with many people on LSD but a few friends can be good.
  3. Clefft

    Clefft Guest

    Thanks for the info, also I forgot to add.
    Like I mentioned I smoke quite regularly, is it bad to smoke on acid? Will it keep the high at peak or will it stop it all together?
  4. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    I don't smoke very frequently and I prefer LSD without it. I find weed kind of clouds my thoughts, but if it's a weak acid trip, some weed can potentiate the effects. I'd recommend smoking in the latter half of the trip.
  5. ill smoke 7 or 8 times throughout my trip. but thats me. for me taking one is pointless unless i know the person breaking down the raw. i always laid sheets at 300mics a tab. but i believe if you are laying sheets with like 100 or something its baaaad karma. eat 2 and see where that takes you.
  6. Clefft

    Clefft Guest

    thanks for all the advice! i took 2 last night and it blow my world! lots of trippy shit, watched a fucked up documentry about a person with two heads which didn't help. also had an out of body exp whilst looking in the mirror ahaha, yeah really changed my take on the world as i believe actually everything i saw was more real that it was my imagination, left me feeling reborn!

    don't think i'll be doing it again, i didn't have a bad trip but i felt the propencity for one was there, its sort of scary how i felt my whole mind seem to recreate its self, lost total sense for the real world at some point :troll:
  7. Clefft

    Clefft Guest

    also, smoked about 2g of bud on my trip! can say for a fact it made it more intense!
  8. Place it on your tongue.
    Good vibes.
    Chances are your gonna have a pleasant trip :)
  9. Hey there officer
  10. unfocusedanakin

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    We can't discuss sources on the forum. Otherwise police will think this a place to find drugs.

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