Advice on Getting into RC's?

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by PharmaPhunk, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. PharmaPhunk

    PharmaPhunk Banned

    I have always been fascinated about psychedelics. I have tripped several times on LSD, and fewer times on Mushrooms. Each individual experience placed me in deep fathoms of self awareness and spiritual clarity. I have new understandings and perceptions of my presented character and astrayed character.

    Now I am still young and I am still naturally developing, so as a result I have decided to abstain from psychedelics until I feel as though I am at a mature stage in my life. When I feel as though I have reached such a point, I would like to toil with RC's, primarely 2c-x's. Any advice on which would be a good starting one? I am leaning towards 2c-e.

    I know sources are very tightly kept and I am not asking for any nor am I asking HOW to get any. I am asking for any advice on dealing with the undeground circuitry of online vendors. Just some general words of advice and a point in the right direction.
  2. oreodonut

    oreodonut Member

    I'm in the same boat as you, bro. I've only had the chance to do shrooms twice and other than that it was DXM but I want more REAL psychedelic experiences.

    I'm kinda iffy on this whole buying RCs online, however nobody where I live has them anyways.
  3. chaos_destroy

    chaos_destroy Member

    i think 2c-b whould be a good starter. 2c-e can be a bit too intense for some people even those who love LSD and such. personly i think 2c-e is probably the best but i still say start with 2c-b.
  4. oreodonut

    oreodonut Member

    Could you at least tell me how much to expect to pay for stuff should I ever find it? It isn't too expensive I hope...
  5. chaos_destroy

    chaos_destroy Member

    on the streets around my parts (if you can find it) its very expensive however online prices are cheap ($2-$5) per dose. thats buying around 50-70 doses.
  6. Schwag

    Schwag Member

    Agreed, 2C-E can really rock your socks the first time you try it. A better place to start would be, as stated, 2C-B. I would also suggest 2C-I. I have yet to try both but I must say I would have rather started there for my 2C research, instead of 2C-E. I just find it to be a very dark and brooding drug at times. Spectacular visuals though, the mind state was also something I have only experienced with 2C-E.
  7. What I would have preferred happen to me, was I start with 2C-B first, then try 2C-I, and I never even cared about 2C-E. However, I tried 2C-I first, that rocked my world, and became my favorite drug for a while. This whole time, 2C-B is growing as my most anticipated chemical. A year later after the 2C-I, I tried 2C-E. My original concerns about the chemical were realized, because it takes a lot but it also offers a lot. About a year after that (last week), I finally got 2C-B, and have to say that if you had in your possession all of these chemicals right now and had to take one first, I would recommend taking the 2C-B, as you don't want to disappoint yourself the first time if you took 2C-E, but you also don't want to scare yourself by taking 2C-I too early, because 2C-I is a very intense substance. 2C-B is a very friendly soul.
  8. chaos_destroy

    chaos_destroy Member

    i must try 2c-i. from what i've heard previously its a lot like 2c-b which isn't that intense until you go high doses. i find 2c-e to get pretty intense even at low doses particularly in the visual side of things. and even when there at the same intensity i still find 2c-e more intense if that makes sense. a lot of people i know find 2c-e too intense but love 2c-b. the most intense mind trip i've had was from a really low dose of LSD and a fairly strong dose of 2c-e. i wish i could explain what was happening in my head but i don't really understand myself. good times.
  9. 2c-b or 2c-i
  10. omshiva

    omshiva Member

    i much prefer 2c-b to 2c-i.

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