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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by peacelovebarefeet, Jan 30, 2005.

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    could someone explain to me how to add side panels, in terms that a REALLY BIG non sewer would understand???? id like to add side panels (patchwork) to this pair of pants i have, but i keep messing up...

    thanks so much !


    ::edit:: here's the pants i want to add them to, its not a great picture, but oh well....
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    Well ... I do it a couple of different ways..

    I will cut a slit all the way up the side of the pant...and cut out the seams...and then i will add my patchwork in..i angle it an A shape..i usually only do that if the pants are too small..

    or i will take out the entire seam w/ my seam ripper..only up to the waste band..and then add in my again A shaped patchwork..this one is tricky because u have to take away some of the fabric from the back side and possibly the front side...depending on how big the patchwork is...

    do you know how to use a machine ? ? You can pm me and i can answer any questions u may have..
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    I cut out the entire side seam all the way up to and including the waistband. Then I sew the side panel in where the seam was. I fold the top over to fill in the waistband and hem the bottom to match the pants. I only do this with pants that are too small.

    Hope this helps.

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