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  1. Painfree2day

    Painfree2day Member

    I dont know too much about it, so I thought I would ask everyone here , I know its not an opi but this post can always be moved if needed, so, my questions I guess would be,whats it like? cost? etc... I have heard it called a good stay up and do homework drug because it gives you alot of focus and you stay awake a long time, But hey! I stopped doing homework many years ago,just curious about it I guess,Let me know your experience with it,good,bad,whatever! Cmon,give me some knowledge!!!!
  2. TooCrisp

    TooCrisp Member

    Adderall's a pretty cool drug...its an upper/stimulant that gives you alot of confidence, energy, happiness, focus, and you just feel really good while on it.

    Good for studying or doing work, and also good before going out and drinking, so it can be both productive and recreational, and due to its recreational abuse has been compared with Coke.

    It's a cheap drug, usually runs about .25 cents a milligram. 20mg is a good starter dose, so usually about $5 each time.

    I will warn you, however, that it has very a unpleasant come-down, because you go from on top of the world to feeling awful. If you take it at night I would suggest having some opie's or benzo's around to help you sleep. Also, if you take it too much you will lose weight because it kills your appetite AND increases metabolism. Last bad thing, if you get into a habit of taking it, when you don't have it will be very difficult to be motivated to get things done and you'll probably feel depressed. Not really a physically addicting drug but certainly tremendously mentally addicting.

    All in all, great drug for the occasional big exam or big party night. Don't abuse it though.
  3. NorCaliGreenFiend

    NorCaliGreenFiend Senior Member

    you dont think amphetamine is a physically addictive drug?
  4. GanjaGuru

    GanjaGuru Member

    Today I was trying some 20mg's that I had found for the 1st time . Ate the 1st 20mg normally, didn't really notice any euphoria but I definately had more energy and could focus better on what the teachers were saying. (not necessarily a good thing) I even ended up snorting 50mg over the rest of the school day(10mg <2hours> 20mg <2 hours> 20mg). Gives you a nice little burst of energy but not much of a rush or anything. Maybe I wasn't doing enough but much more than that would be a lot of powder to get up the nose. Tasty drip tho (was using the generic orange ones)

    I think it would be good if you need a nice energy boost or help concentrating but I definately wouldn't pay money to use it recreationally.

    and yea theres a whole forum section with the broad category of pharmaceuticals...
  5. in the drug chapter of my criminalistics text book barbituates, benzos, opiates, alcohol are all listed as physicaly addicting = yes.....but amphetamines = ? so apparently the forensic scientists drug chapter doesnt know....??? i guess its not that simple of a question?
  6. wow.... amphetamine is one of the most addicting drugs out there.... roll, you realize that Meth and adderal are separated chemically only very slightly? meth withdrawls are supposed to be some of the worst out there, I guess only second to benzos.

    it is a simple question and a simple answer. amphetamine is physically addictive. period.
  7. i never said it was or wasnt physically addicting, i said my textbook answered that question with a question mark, which i took to mean as it being debatable in the scientific comunity........if it really is second or colse to benzos the ppl writing that textbook are dumb because i had to detox of lorazepam when i went to a psychward and it was hell....thanks for the info
  8. you had to detox off lorazepam? man I am SO sorry... benzos are the worst to withdrawl from... that must have been a HORRIBLE experience. I'm not saying your textbook is wrong, but it must be outdated or something. if you ask any doctor, they'll be able to tell you about the problems with amphetamine use/abuse.

    but seriously, ativan is supposed to be one of the worst benzos to withdraw from too, since it has a much shorter half life than that, say, of valium..that sucks you had to go through that man and i'm glad you made it!

  9. framesh1ft

    framesh1ft Member

    I think what the textbook means is that those drugs are known to produce physically obvious WITHDRAW symptoms. The more and longer they are taken the worse iti is. Medically prescribed dosages of amphetamines when withdrawn typically don't produce symptoms that annoy others. But yeah they are bad, neurological mostly, though seizures, car crashes. etc. are possible.
  10. i think the 4 worst benzos to detox from are ativan (lorazepam), xanax (alprazolam), restoril(temazepam), and halcion (triazolam) in the order from least to worst.........but the detox wasnt that bad cuz i was only doing 10-20mg of lorazepam a day for like 5 or 6 days....i didnt even really think i needed to detox of it but the psych ward didnt want me having a seizure or anything on there property so they gave me 30mg of valium a day for like 3 days slowly tapering me off sucked cuz i felt mad sick like i just felt like fucking shit and had dplitting headaches the whoole time, but none of the seizures or real bad withdrawls ive heard of...
  11. pushit

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    Man I haven't tried adderal but I used to be addicted to Ritalin and I can say yes it is very addicting physically and mentally. But after you snort it for a while the come down isn't quite as bad... But it still sucks ass coming down.
  12. polecat

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    Adderall is sorta fun. I get around 300mg and just stay up for days, doing homework and just wigging out. I have 9 20mg xr's right now. Not close to the best drug, but they're so damn cheap in high school.

    I like to combine them with painkillers, because you get the euphoria without getting sleepy. But a friend said the same combination made him sick so I dunno.
  13. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    ^300mg's of adderall just so people know is a lot. But if I was going to be popping them thats how I'd do be doing it. A lot of mg's and time release so that it's a long ass rush. But amphetamines are nasty drugs, they make you feel like shit afterwards
  14. natebozung535

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    yep, if your taking them in the after noon you should def have something to help you fall asleep

    but year adderall is hella fun doing anything, hw, videogames, snowboarding, sports, or whatever you please.

    if you don't do it alot i think the comedowns are ok, like don't go on multiday binges.

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