added some manure for nutes....any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by budblower10, May 29, 2006.

  1. budblower10

    budblower10 Member

    today i put about an inch layer of manure in all of my containers, i think it said dehydrated manure but either way its manure. i put it around inside the 5 gallon buckets and lil 8" pots and i then added some crushed leaves and some debri over it to camo it a lil more and to give sort of a mulch effect. does adding the manure seem like it will put some nutes into the existing potting soil? it says great organic fertilizer, so i think it should work. my plants are growing slowly so im hoping this will give it a lil more added natural nutrients and maybe a growth boost. any critism or comments are well appreciated, thanks. p.s....was adding the crushed leaves on the very top of the soil + manure a good idea?
  2. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    I hope:

    the manure was well-composted, and
    there's not too much packed into the bottom.
    If the manure wasn't composted,or there is more than just a thin thin layer, it could burn the roots as soon as they touch it.
    What you do with manure is mix it in with the soil.

    Mulching is good. Not so much for camo (I mean they're in planters, that's pretty much a tip-off right there) but to keep the top soil from heating up, and to cut water loss through evaporation.
  3. budblower10

    budblower10 Member

    well composted....? it just said composted manure so it should be. i heard now that they cause hot pockets which can burn roots when they touch it, is this true? do u think i should remove it?
  4. budblower10

    budblower10 Member

    hey all, i want to make a quick change/addition to this forum. I wanted to explain exactly what i isnt simply manure it is....Nature's Pride"Garden Soil with Manure - .05-.05-.05...naturally occurinng, natural fertilizer, ideal for veg, flowers, shurbs, etc. will not burn, ensures healthy plant, enriches soil by slowly releasing nutes, can be added any time." thats the exact label, as i realized that i wasnt using manure - so i was being misleading. i spread this in a thin layer in my buckets...any thougths if its good or bad?
  5. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    That's an entirely different story.
    You could have (and maybe should have) planted in 100% that product.
    .05-.05-.05 is very weak, barely there at all.
    What else is the soil comprised of besides Nature's Pride?
  6. budblower10

    budblower10 Member

    just basic experts potting mix
  7. -_-'

    -_-' Member

    My friend put some of his dog's manure at the bottom of where he transplanted one of his plants. It's pretty big but a couple of his other plants are just as big or bigger and they have had no manure added to them.

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