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Discussion in 'Music' started by Sunshine, May 26, 2004.

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    Are any of you going to watch it? I definetly am, cause Loretta Lynn's going to perform. I think she's amazing. Well if any of you forgot or didn't even know, it's going to be on tonight at 8pm on CBS.
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    I DESPISE modern country music. I was born and raised on country, yet the music out of Nashville today is worse than the popular rock music right now. Its all based on an image and little to no substance. And if they do have any substance at all, it involves some redneck, gun-toting, pro-american cliche just so that they show everyone how patriotic they are. I hate those people like that. Especially Toby Keith. He thinks he is all tough and whatnot on stage, writing something so pro-american. I dont see him picking up a rifle and flying over to iraq to assist our soldiers. what a pussy. Give me Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, or Waylon Jennings any day over that crap.

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