ACID SHROOM Cross Tolerence??? need help

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by toastacidblocks, May 4, 2007.

  1. toastacidblocks

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    Im doing acid tonight, and getting shrooms as well, so would i be able to do the shrooms on saturday night (tomorrow). Becasue I've heard mixed things about this tolerence.

    Thank You:D
  2. Peterness

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    yeah, expect heavy tolerance...

    Maybe consider taking them together tonight if you are experienced with both drugs or waiting a couple of weeks before you take the mushrooms.

    I've combined the two a couple of times, very intense.

    But to be honest I think if you tripped tonight on acid then tried to trip again tomorrow on mushrooms you'd be completely wasting your mushrooms...
  3. 3xi

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    there will be a tolerance, wait at least 3 days

    i took acid and shrooms together once and i will never do it again. it was the worst experience of my life. on there own i love them both but never together.
  4. eman resu

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    Acid and Shrooms Together along with nitrous and buddha is my alltime favorite combo. Although last time i did this I got a little out of hand and ended up building by far the bigest fire i have ever made im talking like 20 foot flames, the fire department ended up coming within like 10 mins and we had to book it. Serious intensity.
  5. DreamdaySunshine

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    Acid and Shrooms together are a GREAT combination!!!
    The chances of having a bad trip are about the same as eating a lot of acid or a lot of shrooms. Taking them together just gives you all the sensations of each but mixed into a whole different feeling.
    Also... probably the one thing better then shrooms and acid together is Acid and xtacy.. or Molly , whichever you prefer. Because tripping and rolling just go hand in hand. Both make you extremely happy, pensive, and see and feel everything and then some.
    That's a personal recommendation that has been tested by many several people I know on many several occasions always ending in a great time...

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