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Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by peacefulwind14, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. Hi all. My knees have been aching lately and I think it's because of sitting for so long in meditation. Does this sound right? Are there any asanas that could help the knees? What asanas should I avoid? I feel weary to practice yoga before the pain subsides. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. When meditating, why would your knees hurt? You can sit up, without putting pressure on your knees. And you can meditate laying down even, if you can keep your consentration and you don't fall asleep. There are several ways to meditate.

    Peace and love
    Tiff Lennon
  3. I think I have "weak" knees to begin with and I prefer sitting in a cross-legged position because I feel that it allows me to concentrate easier. Though, yes, recently I have been in different positions while I meditate. I was wondering if I should practice Yoga with my knees hurting because I fear further injury.
  4. it depends on the cause of the knee pain.

    I'm not a doctor BUT here's my take:
    If they hurt from meditation, then most likely they have become out of balance because they are not used to sitting cross legged for so long. stretching and opening the hips and leg muscles may releive some of that pain - and help make it more comfortable for meditation.

    You can always try a yoga class, and tell the instructor your knees have been bothering you. Then you just listen to your body. If what your doing is hurting then don't do it.

    But Hatha Yoga is designed and originated for the purpose of preparing the phsyical and subtle bodies for meditation. So i'd recommend it to you either way! ;)
  5. any asana that opens the hips and/or legs should help you.
  6. I would go to a Yoga teacher that can help with the discomfort in you knees , i had knee problems when i danced, i went to physio for a year.. i've been doing yoga for 8 months with an instructor and i don't have any pain...the only thing that i have trouble with is hip opening exercises they are a little hard but with practice and patcience it will come.. good luck

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