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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Yogi Bhairava, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Yogi Bhairava

    Yogi Bhairava Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    LSD and the other psychedelics are not party drugs and were used by the old school freaks in the Haight and other places to experience and nurture the cosmic consciousness of eastern transcendent states that was the hallmark of Hippie.
    I have evolved beyond this recently by fructifying a tantric Sadhana through awakening the Kundalini. But, I know alot of you will still trip, so I hope my two cents here will assist someone. All I put here is based on my own "acid trip to the divine" perfecting lessons.
    1. To trip to experience God as your own realty of self is the real hippie trip, and the purpose of using psychedelics. So if you can muster the motivation to do them for this reason, you will never regret it if you're successful.
    2.In order to facillitate the success in this, a few things need to be considered as pre-requisites.
    3.You need a substantial dose, which judging from the good blotter of today if you can get some, is around four to five hits. In order to affect your cakras so that your ego gets overun at least a little. you have to take enough.
    4. You want to be out in the country by a lake or farm, with some moon and very little electronic stimulation. Let the acid do the work in the natural stillness of the rural night. Have one or two good friends with you doing the same thing with the same mind set.
    5. No other drugs should be used, except maybe weed when you are ready to crash. Other drugs pollute the spiritual releasing properties of the acid.
    6. Think and discuss God as your trip, but don't talk too much. Be cool and not too silly.
    7. Shiva wants to experience through us, as us. let him through and you just might get a taste of Lord Brahma, as I once did. Trust me brothers and sisters, YOU WILL DIG IT!!!!
  2. Peter Popper

    Peter Popper Tripper

    for those of you like me you dont like using the word "god", i since taking acid like to name it as "higher conscouness". beleive it the way you want to, not how it is taught, cause truelly religion is a load of shit.
  3. desert nightmare

    desert nightmare Senior Member

    Peter you're probably right.
  4. OstrOsized

    OstrOsized Member

    "I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."
  5. Yogi Bhairava

    Yogi Bhairava Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Peter Popper, Dig this brother, I'm not talking about religoius ideologies or forms of God. God is "Consciousness", Total emmiment divine consciousness that exists as the universe and is manifesting your indivdual consiousness as we speak. You're correct, religions really don't exist and are finitizing. But God as the consciousnes of the absolute is all that exits and is all reality, and that consciousness is called "Cit Ananda", consciousness bliss, and is your real state.All psychedelics do is open you up and expose you to what is already there.Y.B
  6. bandbeyondescription

    bandbeyondescription Nothertimesforgottenspace

    i also belive in god i would also kind of call it nature cause god is beautiful and nature is beautiful
  7. dead2dacore

    dead2dacore Member

    dont you think that its a little 'holier then thou' to tell everyone else what the purpose of psychedelics is? and what the "real" hippie trip is?

    i have no problem with people using psychedelics liek religious sacraments, i just dont think i need any more leary-like preachers telling me how i need to trip
  8. i agree that trippy drugs arent ment to be used lightly(except in some ways like X which isnt a real trip, low dxm plateaus, pcp which isnt that introspective, etc)... i dont believe in that religious stuff you were talking about all though i have tripped and had it feel very spiritual.. like a state of nirvana.. but im agnostic and i dont actually believe i experience nirvana but instead just a very profound drug induce state of mind.. but i do believe tripping is still a deeply introspective and mind blowing experience not ment to be taken lightly, even if just not to ruin the mystical quality of the psychedelic/trip experience..

    but to each his own, who is to tell anyone how they should use their drugs..
  9. Yogi Bhairava

    Yogi Bhairava Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Im not talking religious stuff here folks. Get on the same page, please. You use the word "Nirvana". That word indicates an experience of ego transcendent conscioiusness and is an actual spiritual realm you contain within yourself. You say you're agnostic, look in the mirror, you are consciousness, you are exhibiting consciousness as a living state. What you want instead is to look in the mirror and see God as a conscious state of your own existence. Simple fact is boys, you guys wouldn't be tripping if pioneers like some of the old guys didn't brave the uncharted depths of our consciousnesses with the old strong Leary and Owsley acid. The whole psychedelic culture that began with Albert Hoffman himself, is based on experiencing the divine. If you aren't shooting for that, you're off track, playing with dope, missing the whole point of original hippie, and incredibly missing the immanant reality of living existence. Think what you want. Live and die as you may, but you're consciousness will move on with or without you as the possessor of it.P.S. Leary was a great and brave soul and revolutionized how to see consciousness. You'd do well to emulate him. If you people don't believe what I'm saying, do a little historical research, its all there.
  10. dead2dacore

    dead2dacore Member

    i still dont understand why i should trip a certain way just cause people before me did it that way... or the "hippie" trip.. my trip is my trip, not leary's, owsley's, hoffman, kesey's, ram dass's, or any other "leader" of the psychedelic movement who tripped more on power then cid..

    no one should tell someone else the "right" way to trip
  11. nesta

    nesta Banned

    psychedelics can be wonderful tools, terrible dangers, or just neutral toys for bored teenagers.

    psychedelics have enormous power to do lots of good, and the most good comes from certain manners of experiences, certain "ways" of tripping. using psychedelics to reach spiritual, psychiatric, psychological ends of a beneficial nature is among the highest and most noble uses for it. these "ways" of tripping, if done properly, can yield enormous benefit to everyone involved.

    psychedelics can also be used just for fun, in which case the benefits, other than a good time, are few and fleeting, and there is quite a possibility of negative results.

    psychedelics can also be used maliciously or, again, just for fun, and quite literally have devestating effects.

    using psychedelics to further personal religious, scientific, psychological/psychiatric goals is not inherently "better" or "holier" than tripping solely for enjoyment, its just more useful. theres good reasons for many people to use these substances in this manner.

    using psychedelics for fun is also not inherently irresponsible or dangerous, if conducted properly, but often will yield little to no positive benefits other than a few hours of pleasant inebriation. any other positive effects are usually shortlived. it CAN become a very negative situation, but is not necessarily so.

    of course, using psychedelics maliciously or irresponsibly will never be a good thing.

    this is as objective a view of the situation as i am currently capable of conveying. (hell yeah, alliteration!)

    my personal beliefs are a bit more biased than this.

    according to my personal beliefs nobody should trip solely for enjoyment on a regular basis, but once in a while wont hurt too much. i do, however, view these substances as important and holy sacraments, and find the idea of using them strictly as toys as verging on the obscene.

    i also believe the original poster to be incorrect in some of his statements, particularly about tripping for spiritual ends to be the only true "hippy" way of tripping. the psychedelic movement did catch on in its infancy as a pseudo-religious pursuit, as well as a pseudo-scientific pursuit, but the movement quickly changed direction towards a more hedonistic lifestyle (wasson, a big mover in the mushroom scene and an advocate of the shamanic ecstacy available to the mushroom taker, apparently despised the hippy "thrill seekers" flocking to mexico in order to exploit the fungal resources and profane the local beliefs)

    while a proponent of spiritually based psychedelic experiences, i remain unconvinced that the whole of the "hippy" community which engaged in psychedelic use, at least in the late sixties and the seventies, where strictly committed to pursuing such noble ideals. the situation has only gotten worse since then, until you see the compounding negative effects on a culture when looking at the youth of today. i have plenty of friends who love to trip. almost none of them do so for any other reason than to get "fucked up," as they would usually put it. its very common these days for people to do so. i even know people who drink when tripping!

    you've got people like leary dedicated to the pursuit of bettering themselves and mankind through a spiritual treating of psychedelics, and then you have wild and unruly and even dangerous folks like ken kesey just dropping acid or doing anything they can to trip, just for the sake of tripping.

    i certainly dont believe leary was right about everything and don't believe his legacy is necessarily a good one. the movement got out of control and lost track for a large part, and i think in the end he, as the symbolic leader of the psychedelic movement, will not be remembered by future generations in the best light. he didn't have a strictly positive impact on society, but he was a hell of a lot better than figures like ken kesey at the time.

    i dunno....just my two cents....
  12. Yogi Bhairava

    Yogi Bhairava Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    To both of you, first of all, the psychedelic culture was about TRANSCENDENCE-Ego TRANSCENDENCE specifically. Somehow you guys find it applicable and easy to ignore simple historical facts. Where do you think the peace and love psychological underscoring of hippie orginated, because it opened Us (I was there) to the transcendent realties of mans inherent divine consciousness, the same consciousness that has been declared the ultimate level of reality in the ancient upanishads and tantras of ancient India. The party stuff became a killing blur that ruined a very beautiful and powerful culture. The simple fact is gentleman, that the LSD use that spawned hippie revealed to us that we were on to something way bigger than ourselves, we stumbled upon the immanant reailty of authentic transcendental consciousness. Hippie came out of the Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. Look up some of the of the articals in the San Francisco Oracle by Allen Cohen at his website. I knew him personally.It was all about authentic spiritual consciousness, nothing psuedo about it.And you want to talk about power trippers than LSD users, dude, you are out there. Tim Leary, Ram Dass, and probably even myself have probably done more acid at one time than you would if you tripped every day on this blot stuff for the next ten years. I've eaten 77 hits of original orange sunshine before to keep the law from getting it. When you have literally died completely psycholgically on acid, you have begun to really consider what LSD is about. From the way you guys talk, you have never come close to taking enough. And by the way, to suggest to you that to experience God on acid is something you might dig, is about the coolest suggestion someone could ever say to you brother. You dudes need to get old schooled.
  13. hmm i respect your beliefs completely yogi, i even agree with you actually... (although im gonna be laying off the drugs for awhile)...

    but isnt telling someone how they should trip if they disagree with your believes almost opposed to your own beliefs? i mean now i dont know for sure, but it sounds like to me you believe in some form of hindu/buddhist eastern religious way of though... and if that is the case wouldnt you also say that people are going to be the way they are because of how far they've evolved spiritual, and in time they'll be ready to achieve their inner divine conciousness through one way or another if not in this life than the next? so if that is true, wouldnt you agree that not only would it be a waste of time to tell them how to trip if they arent ready to accept it, but also wrong of you to do so?

    just wondering...
  14. yogi, im also interesting in what you think of achieving the divine state through tripping on drugs other than acid? is it possible, in your opinion? JW

    and what about other methods of achieving the divine state, that dont involve drugs at all like meditation, etc? what do you think? im wondering because im going to try staying clean for a while..
  15. Yogi Bhairava

    Yogi Bhairava Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    To Dexisagoodthing, ok now you are getting on the higher track. The acid only takes you so far, and most don't get there. What you are seeking brother is the higher living spiritual consciousness that is currently animating you, in simple terms, your higher divine self. I talk about LSD and i'm on this forum delineating various things about the psychedlic culture, basically because my current spiritual status evolved from the fantatsic transcendental events my acid trips netted in. So with all of that said, you DO WANT TO STEP COMPLETELY BACK FROM THE DRUGS. YOU DON"T NEED THEM AT ALL, IF YOU ARE REALLY READY FOR THE HEAVY CONSCIOUSNESS STUFF-that I move and live through daily now. Yogin Bhairava is not a computer name, it is my name as a YOGIN- which simple means that I practice higher Tantra Yoga as a means to experience much greater states than LSD can give you, using an agent know throughout ancient times as the KUNDALINI DEVI. You can too. As a matter of fact, i just published a book detailing this entire odyssey called "Kundalini Dream", and will be available on the web real soon. I have several original threads posted on this forum also, that talk about how Yoga is the new way to extreme transcendental states, for the young hippies i'm talking here. And the clincher is that we were playing with all of this stuffback in the sixties, and thats how Yoga even got into this country to begin with-through the hippies.But drugs killed alot of us and the higher ideals as well. Anyway, think over all this stuff, I'm all ears and only want to help all of you younger brother and sisters into the real high of existence, are you ready to step up to the plate? Peace, love, and flowers.
  16. thanks yogi, that is helpful. whats the name of your book? do you have anything else you think i should read up for information on this kind of yoga? is it similar to maharishi's transcendental meditation?
  17. snowman2012

    snowman2012 Member

    Yogi Bhairava,

    I agree with a fair bit of what you said. All my life I have had "peak" experiences, what is sometimes referred to as ego death, without the use of drugs. You know what I'm talking about, where u see your consciousness arising in the present moment.

    But I see no point in trying to attain these levels of consciousness. Yes, its our true nature, but who cares, we're all going home eventually.

    The important thing is that we are alive right now. No matter how enlightened you are, you're still gona walk this earth until the day you die. And that means socialising, cooking, and doing all the basics. Going and sitting in a cave all your life is a hideous mistake in my opinion. We're in a physical universe at the moment, one day we will rest in our natural state forever, but not now. Now, we are experiencing the tapestry of life.

    And so, I think to say "drugs should be used to attain spiritual consciousness" is a mistake. On psychedelic trips I frequently visit that place of no me, that field of immaculate awareness, and its cool. But so is looking at detailed incredible hallucinations, going to parties, and chilling with friends.

    Just let life do its own thing, and dont worry about attaining anything.


    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Being alive is to taste Brahma lol.
    I hear what your saying though.
    I once visited to Goloka Vrindavana and
    saw God through the merging of the surrounding enviorment
    rather than through the eyes of the physical self
    while intoxicated on magic mushrooms.

    But I am also inclined to say that though this
    happened, it has no actual substance
    no reality
    because it is but a memory now
    an intangible, unreal, worded representation.

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    So does Yogi, hence his claiming to be able to taste Brahma ;)

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    my friend Dex, people can claim to know the
    way to acheiving a divine state and they can
    tell you how they got there, who taught them, what
    books to read, how to meditate, so on and so forth.
    But the truth is in yourself, and it does not come
    from the mouths of others.
    People can claim to be very wise, they can add letters
    after their name, drop out of society and practice meditation, be
    called nice Yogi names and so on and so forth.
    But this is all done out of desire.
    The desire to be something, respected, loved in the eyes
    of God, loved by men and women, to feel superior to
    others, to claim the right "path", to feel love or to be loved.
    There are many reasons why some want to show you the way.
    But in reality, all people are seeking happiness, and
    happiness is born out of mental freedom, and mental
    freedom is born out of the doing away with fear.
    So please, dont feel the need to be told "how" to acheive
    divine states of conciousness, rather, just do it yourself.
    Just simply live.
    That is as divine as it gets, to live and love, and feel
    free to live and love without the conformity born out
    of fear :)
    And I am in no way here to offend anybody, or to show
    you any path, I am simply pointing out that the desire
    to learn HOW to be happy takes root in fear.
    When you have no fear, you are free.

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