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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by guardian_tnaos, Jan 9, 2005.

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    what are the chances of transmitting an std just by kissing someone. i don't mean just on the cheek or lips, i mean w/tongue.
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    You Can Get Aids Just By Touching Someones Tounge With Your Finger Then You Will Turn Blue And Die!!
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    well it all depends cuz if you kiss someone who has a heat blister ( a big hard bump on their inner lip) or a blister on their lip that is a type of herpes. now if that person were to go down on you while they had an open blister on their lip then you would get genital herpes. now the whole thing about transmitting an std by kissing with the tongue is unlikely but it could happen. lets say person "A" has a disease that can only be transmitted through blood, or any other bodily fluid. And person "B" is std/sti free. well if person "A" were to kiss person "B" with tongue and person "A" had a open cut in their mouth and had a mouth full of blood then person "B" swallowed all the blood. most likely person "B" will now have that std/sti that person "A" has. but other wise if there is no open sore, heat blister, or cut than you are perfectly fine.
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    I know that herpes can be transmitted orally (just though kissing) if the infected person has a cold sore at the time... I'm not sure what the chances of transmission are if they only have a cut or such in their mouth.

    If you're mouths cut at all (ie bit your cheek, ate chips that can make little cuts in your mouth, etc) and the other person has herpes in their mouth (gets cold sores) I'd be a lil concerned. Maybe ask your doc, or visit a doctor-type website with good std info... random internet people aren't always the most reliable source

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