Abnormal Tendecies Brought Out By Menses

Discussion in 'Women's Forum' started by PunchDrunkKitten, Mar 31, 2016.

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    As I'm currently on the rag, I've been taking a little inventory of the symptoms of my bleeding time that arent completely within the umbrella of pms/menstural related mood swings, and thought to compare notes with my fellow bleeders.

    I am extremely horny when menstruating, but I this to be fairly common. Where as most women want to be catered to, and gently sensualized in their Bloody borne arousal i lean very far in the opposite direction. My period is a time of total submission, and deviance for my libido. There doesnt seem to be any form of sexual use, or outlandish sexual act i would jump straight into at moments request from my partner during this time of month.

    I also note, on the flipside, that I tend towards very vindictive desires when thinking for more than five seconds about a behavior or person whose displeased me. For example, i went back through an inactive social media account to get snippets from an antagonizing message my mans ex sent to me when they were still together, (he and i dated before they ever met and broke up for a little while) and wrote a beautifully formed but oh so bitchy poem to her using those snippets. That poem, if anyone cares, can be found in the Writer's Forum by the way.

    So you see? A couple mentalities that are just outside the box of typical which arent happening now for the first time. If i consider, its like this just about every month and has been since i can remember in my menstrual career.
    Anyone else have these or other proclivities of the brain during their blood which seem out of place?
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    I get aroused, horny, whatever during that time of the month. It's really the only time I do get aroused. I don't do anything, though. Masturbation, sounds like too much work. Abs sex, is kind of here nor there. It's actually kind of painful during that time of the month. Anyeays, all I do is have a few wet dreams, and that is that. I, sometimes spread my legs, close my eyes, and just wonder about things. I'll get a orgasm like that. But, yes... other than that it's a regular day in my life.

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