a wedding day...

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Lady Eala, Jan 27, 2005.

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    ah, here we are
    love and all
    beyond now the day
    that deep paths of snow
    led us to standing
    though not quite
    what vows were made
    my son between
    are we married now?
    and a reception
    insisted in her
    Arien way
    this is not what
    i had envisioned
    when cake smashes
    into face
    that frosting in the eye
    and a husbands moustache
    is purple and green
    i didnt want that part
    but it was insisted
    and pictures were taken
    and bacardi was drank
    we slept in a broken bed
    with none of our own
    in in-laws storage room
    among cardboard
    and slept the dizzy sleep
    before making love

    (just messing around really--but input welcome!--Eala)
  2. Lozi

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    sounds like it could be a song. crumbs, i can't really work out what it's about coz my brain is kinda dead. explain a bit praps?

    i like the style and the words though....mm cake...
  3. fulmah

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    I've fond memories of my sisters wedding, and this whole piece brings alot of those memories to life. Thanks!

    my favorite part, great stuff!

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