A tribute to Gertrude Stein

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by hippie_chick666, Apr 9, 2007.

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    I hope you all know who she is! Google her name if you haven't heard of her. She was the Picasso of poetry in the 20's. She wrote "A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." I am going to try to imitate her style and please comment on the likeness to some of her works.

    I write about a boy, a boy who knows me
    but knows not what I am writing about.
    he doesn't know what I am writing about,
    writing about him. this he doesn't know,
    the boy that I like. I like the boy
    who doesn't know that I am writing about him.
    who doesn't know that I want him, I want him so bad.
    my mind is filled with dirty thoughts about the boy
    who I like who doesn't know that I am writing about him.
    yes, yes that boy!
    I like that boy, I like that boy very much!

    Short piece in tribute to Gertrude Stein!

    Peace and love

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