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    Assume that a speck of lsd is 10 um in diameter. This is a typical powder dust size


    Assume thumb is 1cm2 and lsd has a density of 1 ton/m2. Thumbprint is 0.00001x0.01x0.01=1e-9 m2. Thats 1e-9m2x1e6g/m2 = 0.001g lsd. Thats 1 milligram or 10 hits. Considering losses, it might only be 3-5 hits.
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    You are doing the wrong LSD if you think this. A proper thumbprint has you HIGH after 30 minutes and going for a few days in some cases. You might even think you are going to die. It's not 3-5 hits more like 300 to 500. You are eating several milligrams. A milligram is such a small amount unless you have a scale and special equipment even a finger dab will be 10-20 milligrams maybe.

    Even 1-2 mg LSD trips are a huge experience beyond the casual eat a hit or two and enjoy trips.
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    Thanks for setting the record straight. The new member seems to be intent on spreading disinformation.

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