A Soul All Alone

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by StarGateKeeper, May 29, 2004.

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    A Soul Alone.
    By Michael A. Dunham

    Falling faceless in the cracks of society
    Lacking finance, fame and notoriety
    She walks past everyone disregarded
    Thoughtlessly by everyone discarded

    She talks alone in mindless babble
    Her mind now a disorganized rabble
    She gets noticed briefly by some
    A twinge of compassion, then just numb

    Numb now is her own emotion
    An island alone in the city's ocean
    People like ships pass her unseen
    Anti-social walls where paths have been

    "See me! See me!" her silent scream
    Have you ever thought of what she's seen?
    She is not as stoic as she seems
    What became of her hopes and dreams?

    She survives by ignoring reality
    She can't be ignorant of the travesty
    Something moves her ever on
    Every day she lives is a battle won.

    A 50 year old veteran of domestic war
    Who sleep outside of closed doors
    A heap of rags, foul and dirty
    Hasn't had a home since her late thirties.

    She can't ignore the deeper pain
    As she plod on through the rain
    She dies daily but is not yet dead
    What thoughts do you think fill her head?

    Her husband died first of all
    Her son died upholding the law
    So cancer took her love so pure
    Criminals shot holes in her future.

    So now she live without resources
    How many others are living corpses?
    We take for granted what she lacks
    Maybe we should cut her some slack
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    Damn that was good.
    I feel like that all the time.
    I'm in a world amongst people with talent and I'm the only one without it.
    :( :mad:
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    That was fantastic :eek:
  4. moonbeam

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    that was beautifully written. it has great rhythm and rhyme.
  5. TerminalMadness

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    Very good. Well written, to the point, not pretentious. I like it. Top shelf!

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