A sonnet

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Major Peacenik, Jan 11, 2005.

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    I love sonnets... there's something about getting the meter just right that tickles me pink :);)


    Inside a jar, I find him huddled deep,
    A shiv'ring, shaking mass of buried fear.
    My love has chosen to reside in here,
    In state of sloth, a dark and hellish sleep.

    He wears his purple skyline like a shroud,
    To shelter him from pleasure's cruel bite.
    He can't remember sunshine's hot delight,
    And woe to she who longs to stir his cloud.

    Sometimes, I try to draw him out with tears;
    Although success eludes, I must persist
    Til loving eyes and cheeks are red and chapped.

    His bashful smile is sunken to a leer,
    Lips trembling with grief and cowardice.
    He speaks; my skin is torn apart by tacks.
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    iambic pentameter!! hehe

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