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    We've just finished putting the final touches on our website and we think it will interest you. The site was made to help unsigned musicians spread the word about their music faster by using our simple piece of software. It's completely free and all we want you to do in return is suggest any improvements we might make to it in the future and succeed in your dreams. Once you have the software installed and you've filled in your details you'll have a simply file that will help you spread the word about you and your music hundreds of times faster.

    The software contain no spyware or viruses, we want to help spread the word about decent music, just hearing better music on the radio is reward enough for us.

    Check out the demo of our service here:


    Have fun in what you do and we wish all the success in the future.

    P.S. Let us know what you think of our service, if you can think of any way we can improve contact us

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