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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Spyder, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Stultifera Navis (The Ship of Fools)

    Stultifera navis sails

    Under the winds of madness.

    In its black and white insanity

    Desperate passion is gathered from the sea.

    Where false presumption has left us

    Here in the bow stultifera navis.

    Cry oh mercy to the waves

    I have forgotten my sin of just punishment!

    I give the seas my lust and anger!

    I fall into a hull of madness

    Of passion and delirium

    And of a colourless asylum.

    The Great Confinement

    In these prisons of moral order

    The madman bears his stigmata.

    Stakes irons, dungeons and prisons

    Had sought to destroy the poor,

    The vagabond,

    The unemployed

    And we are but madmen

    In our poverty.

    In the house of Saint-Louis

    The history of unreason

    Waits uncradeled in its cell of deception!

    Only Beggar’s hold the true meaning

    Of a second rebellion against god!

    They hold no moral duty to their state

    Which in its religious piety

    Hold men in approaching redemption.

    As Yet untitled

    Spoken words
    reduced to sinders
    ashes in the funeral pire.
    fifty strong men,
    spent their lives in fire
    waiting for the wind,
    waiting for the earth to enrage
    drawn into the night
    and came to extinguish
    the ravages of ages.
    Where children play in rubble.
    Where their school lyes in peices.
    Where the corpses of so many lye.
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    the first verse of the second poem is my fave bit of al of them ) it ends just right :) i like it :)

    You got some good talent there boy :)
  3. Lozi

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    ship of fools tis my fave. nice words.

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