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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by grey_eyes, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. grey_eyes

    grey_eyes Member

    Do guys tend to stay away from curvy women or does anyone out there find voluptuous women to be more sexy.
  2. Samhain

    Samhain Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I actually like curvay men

  3. Omniwulf

    Omniwulf Member

    injoy curves myself :)
  4. depends on your mood
  5. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    If she has a prety face . skinny girls with ugly faces don't do anything for me

    There is mariah carey and there is missy elliot...mariah wins i am afraid.
  6. PureInnocence

    PureInnocence Member

    I watched sex files and they said that men actually prefer more voloptuous women. Something about primal instinct, shows that they're good for childbirth. They even had a stat in there, that men, on average, prefer women who have a waist thats about 70% of their hips or something like that.

    Apparently, the more curvy, the higher the response.
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  7. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

    I don't have one set type of woman I'm most attracted to, but curves can definitely be sexy.
  8. cbrmale

    cbrmale Member

    You are right about curves and healthy women. It is an inbuilt psychological response. Men are attracted to women with nice hips and a good hip to waist ratio. For childbirth as you say.

    Women have an inbuilt biological response too. They are instinctively attracted to...

  9. I've never considered they're shape as a reason.
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  10. Cmdr76

    Cmdr76 Members

    Like curvy women so much I married one
  11. FrustratedHornball

    FrustratedHornball Self Made Artist

    I like my women a little thick (not obese) and top heavy. A nice round ass is a plus
  12. Altman

    Altman Bull

    Like em ALL shapes and sizes
  13. Everybody has their preferences. Of all my partners I have had many different sizes of women. I find that having sex with a voluptuous woman to be just as fun as a spinner. Why? It's all about their personality meshing with mine. I enjoy larger women just as I enjoy petite women and all those in between.
  14. kankoon

    kankoon Members

    I love curves. Sometimes even better the rounder they are.
  15. Franky29

    Franky29 Members

    It’s all about curves!!!! You have it, I want it
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  16. Windman

    Windman Members

    Curvy hands down. I have preferred curvy for as long as I can remember.
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  17. Windman

    Windman Members

    I always thought it was because they provided more cushion for the pushin.
  18. Friendly10

    Friendly10 Members

    Why should shape or size matter.it's the person that counts.
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  19. Gene London

    Gene London Members

    When I was young I found skinny girls attractive but as I got older I really started to appreciate curvy women. I still find all women attractive but if there was a lineup I would definitely pick a curvy women first.
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  20. JDsPrincess

    JDsPrincess Members

    As a woman, i dont see what men see in really skinny women. (Not to say at all that they aren't attractive).

    I am a uk size 12 so have curves myself and i get loads of male attention.

    Also....most of my close friends are guys and I'd say 90% of them prefer curves to thin women, i do agree a little with Gene London though as i think their prefernences have changed with age ( we are in our 30s now) and would have been more inclined to go for skinny women when we were younger.
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