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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by its420somewhere, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. i went to amsterdam last spring and remember being able to buy only very small amounts of weed at a time from the coffee shops (one 8th, i believe) for roughly 12 euros. let's just say i really like to smoke pot and want to buy, oh, a little more than that. what would any of you recommend to the traveler who wants to pick up a few ounces of weed to enjoy amsterdam? will they sell that much at the coffee shops, or is there a clever way to get around any quantity caps? i never thought to question this aspect of the coffee shop while i was there and would really appreciate some advice.




    5g is the supposed limit per visit per person. If your with friends thats easily overcome or just go for a brief walk and keep going back for more. Saying that though I have personally witnessed people buy quite large amounts in front of my very eyes, once I saw an American business man walk away with itleast 2 ounces of bud, no one else was in the coffeeshop at that time apart from me the dealer and that American, it was a laugh hearing them argue about the price. Deals are there to be had for sure, wink, wink.
  3. wow, 5 grams max? i was thinking 500 grams would be nice. how does one aquire this in amsterdam (or anywhere in holland)? surely not all coffee shops comply.
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    500g? thats a helluva lot of bud.... im sure I read somewhere that the maximum allowance for a Coffeeshop to hold at any one time is 500g, though of course this rule if broken by the busier shops.

    There is no way in hell a Coffeeshop will sell you 500g.... and I doubt the legitimate 'wholesalers' who sell to the coffeeshops will be easy to find or kean on selling 500g to anyone other than a coffeeshop.
  5. it is ludicris to suggest it would be easy to find a source for that quanitity. but since it is Amsterdam, i figured it would be a little easier than most places. plus, this message board seems like the best place to start looking. this kind of business makes everybody happy...
  6. PlasticFace

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    I know a place where you can go. It's not a coffeeshop as such but the owner is more than happy to sort out large amounts of weed. You simply tell him what you want, how much you want and how much you are willing to pay. He'll go for a walk and then return a few minutes later with your order. The only problem is I can't remember what this place is called. Plus it's not in Amsterdam so you'd have to get a train. So this message probably isn't much use. But atleast you know it's possible. Good luck smoking your 500g.


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    Looks like I'm off to alternative forums for a while, may even stay there, don't know what I'll do just yet.
  8. Liroy

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    Coffeeshops are allowed to have shit loads in stock,
    and you are allowed to have shitloads at home too.

    I suggest you go to Haarlem one day if you come to NL,
    and find the coffeeshop named Willy Wortel.
    You will probably get very satisfied there and you can buy 500g there if you get to speak with the owner.
  9. bigloui96

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    Nemesis please could you possibly post the link of your map... Im leaving for amsterdam in a few days, and on previous trips have found your map a very useful asset and would really appreciate it if I could take it again!!

    Dont really know how to thank you for the work you have put in to it, but Im sure you know how greatful everyone is!

    Shame Sigs had to be banned...... ah well.
  10. PlasticFace

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    When you goin bigloui?? I'm gonna be there next wednesday.
  11. bigloui96

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    Leaving this tuesday! So will be in amsterdam by 9am tuesday morning! Cant stop thinking about it......
    We're doing a big tour of europe, but starting in amsterdam.
    how long you there for plastic?
  12. SinPusher

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    All coffeeshops in Holland are limited to 500 grams total in stock at any one time, including hash and weed. They are spot inspected on a regular basis and if they do not comply, they lose their license. There is a 5 gram limit but many shops will go over. That's 5 grams per person, so take people. Haarlem coffeeshops are known to be more lax on this rule. I would go to Indica if I were in Haarlem. Indica is a Willy Wortal Shop.
  13. PlasticFace

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    Arriving Wednesday morning. Not sure how long for though. I was gonna go the love parade in berlin but thats not happening now so i'll probably have a few extra days in the dam instead. Indica? Is that the coffeeshop next to the bus station?
  14. SinPusher

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    Sativa is next to the bus station. It is a good place to get a map. As you come into Haarlem by train from Amsterdam, look out the window on the left side and you will see the Adrian windmill. Indica is across from that. It is less then a 10 minute walk from Sativa. Indica has a little lower pricing, and is known in Haarlem for it's medical grade weed. All top quality and a very nice place to chill.
  15. islandgurl

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    Don't you leave us, Nem :(
  16. PlasticFace

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    Cheers SP. I'll probably check it out.

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