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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Techniques' started by yes-i-cannabis, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Hey dudes..I am setting up a two room system at the moment, and intend to grow clones in soil..I have a 600 watt hps for the flowering stage...my question is, can i use a 4 ft twin fluro to veg up the babies??how do they veg up under fluro's??i could give em a week or 2 under the hps 24/ before i turn em??what do ya's reckon?
  2. Nickelbag

    Nickelbag Member

    2x4ft florescents will be sufficient for your clones for up to 3 or 4 weeks. You could fit 2 to 4 clones per sqft for the duration of your veg period. In the early clone stage, you could fit up to 16 in 1 sqft.
    Your 2 tubes will cover 4 ft. So you could veg 8 to 16 clones. Save 1 sqft for cuttings, and you can have 12 cuttings being rooted and 12 clones being vegged at once. In flower, you will want 1 sqft per plant, so 12 sqft, which works out just perfect for your 600W.
  3. wow..12 per 600 watter...thats pretty cool.. i was working on 6..
    cheers dude
  4. Nickelbag

    Nickelbag Member

    It all depends how big you want to grow your plants before cropping.
    12 would be about the maximum you could grow and still provide adequate lighting, unless yo do a high yield method like SOG or ScrOG

    6 would be a practical goal for you for now. Get yer techniques figured out before you overwhelm yourself with work and problems.
  5. enjoibaked

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    The whole clonning technique confuses the hell out of me.
    I need to do some research on it.
  6. Pepe

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    Oh, cloning MJ is a lot like cloning sheep, only not as messy cuz you don't have to pick up any sheep shit all over your grow.:p

    Seriously now, cloning is relatively simple, you cut a branch off your mother plant and you plant it in water/puck/dirt/whatever until it grows roots for itself.

    A clone will be identical to it's mother genetically speaking. In other words, it'll be a gurl. :)

    You don't have to grow from clones, you can grow from seeds too but then you will have to expect a few boys in your batch ..... gotta get rid if them freakin' bastards, they try to fuck the gurlz and they leave their empty beer bottles all over the freakin' grow.... and don't get me started on that loud music they keep playing...:rolleyes:

    Gurlz rule, boyz suck shit!
  7. Pepe

    Pepe Member

    Dig this, I grow 80 plants on a 4x4 table under a single 1000W lamp ... not shittin' ya bud! :)
    It's called SOG (Sea Of Green) and it's almost as pretty a sight as a shaved pussy, but only better cuz it dozen bitch at ya when you leave the toilet seat up.:p
    But I agree with nickel here, just 6 plants will do, you don't really get more weed from more plants. You can grow about the same amount from one plant as you would with a zillion .... it's only up to how much light yier gonna shine on it.

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