a political douche bag? sum jerk named massengil.

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by jonnydisaster5, Apr 23, 2007.

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    on tv right now. since when do homicides merit white house attention? new orleans gets wiped out n they dont blink. but sum university kids get murdered n its a national crises?what the fuck. im watching sum political junk on tv. who elects a douche bag whose named after douche?err pussy flushers.damn spelling.
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    You're back! :D
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    it has to do with smoke and mirrors. something to distract people from noticing the mass murder to gratify a political whim of hundreds of thousands of people who couldn't have had a damd thing to do with anything if they had wanted to. so some poor bastard goes off his nut because of that and offs a handful of other poor bastards. but anything corporate media can do to focus attention on that so that people won't notice or think about all the victums over the years of a national forign policy that demonizes and dehumanizes everything that doesn't kiss the ass of little green pieces of paper.

    that's why i haven't bothered to turn on the damd tv, except mayby for five minuetes once a month if that often, to see if there's any new commercials i haven't seen yet.

    yah, without cable it's the same old same old crap, so now that i've got a computer that's fast enough to ACTUALY multi-task, if only just, why the hell whould i ever want to listen to all that propiganda kind of crap?

    i seriously have more amusing things to do with my life.


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