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Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by Sattva, Jun 13, 2006.

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    I'm sorry if this isn't the right area (though it's more to do with how mental health affects family relationships than plain family issues). I considered posting this in the marijuana forum but lord knows I won't get a warm reception there. You see, my old rebellious adolescent does skunk and as a result of his midlife crisis, goes clubbing and takes ecstacy. Regardless of how many tokers deny it, marijuana has done some real damage to relationships at home.

    Fact is, he shows all the signs that are associated with strong pot. His behaviour is pathetic and it has silently ruined his relationships with myself and my mum. He treats my mother (without bias, she's a real saint) as a nuisance he's forced to put up with (but rarely does and often throws strops and never shows any real affection towards her). She's got very fed up with him, but she has nowhere to go and no way to support herself. She gave up her career to raise me and I somewhat doubt Rhone-Poulenc need her back after a 17 year absence. She doesn't get support from her family as they've become quite dysfunctional (despite most of them being psychologists), and since moving seven years ago, doesn't have a social life.

    What the christ am I supposed to do? My dad is usually unapproachable. He hates having to compromise and he convinces himself that he's fine. He just thinks my mum is an idiot and while they've managed to live together for a long time, I don't think there's any affection left.

    I'll just say that my family means a lot to me. My social life is such that while lots of people consider me a 'friend', I don't feel I can confide in them. Even if I did, what good would it do? I'm afraid I haven't conveyed this as clearly as I hoped, but if you don't understand the situation and you're willing to suggest and comment, I'll gladly explain in more detail.

  2. heron

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    you cant blame that one pot, blame him, not some scapegoat.sounds like he has issues beyond smokin dope.
  3. dilligaf

    dilligaf Banned

    hmmmmmmm,,, so blmae the pot,,, lets leave the alcohol n X n lord knows what else out of the equation,,,,,

    n anyone that lives in said situation willfully for 17 years is a bloody fool if they are truly unhappy,,,, sounds like the whole "family" needs some fixxin

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