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Discussion in 'Books' started by DejaVoo, May 13, 2004.

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    Well i'm done with this book called Light My Fire by Ray Mazarek(Keyboard player of the Doors) about him telling about how he met Jim Morrison and how the band got together and everything. It was pretty good, intresting I'd say. And I'm gonna go to the Library 2 return it, and i wanted to rent a couple other books. Any suggestions? I don't really like fiction...i like to read about things that happened FOR REAL, like in the past like in the 60's or about anything that will open my mind to new things and new perspectives. and something interesting that will keep me clued to it!! The only book I could think of to read is On the Road, because I read that post on it and everyone said it was good! ok thank you everyonee....
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    definitely read On the Road or anything else by Jack Kerouac. If you're interested in 60's then read the Electric Kool-aid acid test if you haven't already :)
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    A friend bought me this book after I did her a favor & I have not got a chance to read it yet. How was it? I have read a lot of books on jim & the doors. I like dark star, no one here gets out alive , and mr. mojo risin'.
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    You say that you like to read about stuff that happened, in other words nonfiction. Nonetheless, you must read "The Da Vince Code"! Although it's a fiction novel but the information the novel deals with is nonfiction. Believe me, this plot will keep you intrigued to the end. I highly recommend it!
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    'Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond

    I haven't gotten into it yet, yet is sounds like a wonderful account of history.

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