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Discussion in 'Busted!' started by Johnny_Tsunami, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. I almost got busted, well I don't know exactly how close I was; I was a little high at the time. Give your opinions on whether I should be concerned of my parents being suspicious

    Okay for a little bit of background, me and buddy were gonna go to my friend's house, and he doesn't smoke and is actually very against it, but we decide to smoke anyways in my car.

    We go in and I'm pretty high, still able to function, but if I didn't have eyedrops, it would have been pretty obvious. My friend on the other hand, his eyes are just red as hell, and we still smell kinda bad, so I thought my other buddy was gonna bust my balls about it.

    To my surprise he's absolutely clueless to the whole thing and now I'm feeling kinda cocky. After I drop my friend off, I head back to my house and am like "hell I'm gonna light up again!" So now I'm a really high at like 2:30 in the morning coming into my house.

    Since I promised my Mom I would tell her I was home, I go upstairs and see her sleeping, wake her up and say "I'm home, love you goodnight"

    Okay now I'm walking away up to my room and she mummbles "were you guys smoking something?" I was completely taken off guard when she said this, but after like a second of thinking "Oh No!!" I got my head on straight and was like "Oh yeah, me Adam and Jeff had a cigar before I left." I figured this was a good excuse since she knows I like to enjoy a cigar every once in a while, and since it was my last night in town before I go back up to school.

    That was a very close encounter though! Hopefully they don't suspect anything fishy is going on!
  2. skierdood

    skierdood Space For Rent

    You're prolly fine. If she was concerned you most likely would have heard about it. Just be more careful and next time make a quick change of clothes or something before you say good night.

    It reminds me of the time a few years back we rolled a blunt and put it on the kitchen table cuz we were gonna smoke it in a little while. My mom was asleep and woke up and walks into the kitchen and picks up the blunt. Walks out into the family room and goes "so whos gonna smoke the cigar?" I go oh yeah we got a cuban cigar from aaron's (my friend) uncle and were gonna try it out. Shes like "Oh okay" put it back on the table and went to bed. It was awesome.
  3. LOL! Wow that is awesome! Yeah I'm starting to get a little arrogant about smoking (I've only been doin it for like a couple months now) I'm usually very cautious, but that time I guess I wasn't.
  4. skierdood

    skierdood Space For Rent

    Yup just remember it just takes a small mistake to get caught.
  5. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    haha i woulda just walked to her bedroom door and yelled out to her. MOM IM HOME!!! NIGHT!!! NIGHT!!! NIGHT!!! NIGHT!!! NIGHT!!! :D
  6. I would have bugged and not gone nto her room and would have fucking wispered it and she probally wouldnt had heard me
  7. dont get sloppy dude it will be your downfall. i always have to be really carefull coming home like gutching my shit and having a change of clothes on me just in case and all this bollocks.
  8. Who cares? It was your last night in town before going back to school anyways. Just keep some axe spray in your car for after your smoke and pop a mint or piece of gum. Or take up cigarette smoking. (Just kidding.)
  9. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    lol once me and my friend smoked out his car with the dankest shit i have ever seen in my life.

    so i come back home and I can barely walk Im so high so I go straight to the computer room and get on this website and start typing all goofy and shit cuz I could barely operate my body.

    but anways I was soo high i forgot to spray the axe, and my mom came in and gave me a hug goodnight and walked out.

    now is it just me or is there NO WAY IN HELL she didn't know what was up lol.
  10. hoodrider

    hoodrider Member

    good ass story skierdood, i started laughing after i finished reading it.
  11. hip melonhead

    hip melonhead Member

    lol one time i was going home and i had already planned out what i was going to do and say cuz i was baked... so i walk in and my parents are in the living room which u walk about 4 feet from the door and turn right to go to the living room... well i was thinkin and i turned at about 3 feet and walked right into a wall and busted out laughing lol i played it off like i had just been drinkin though...
  12. Although I havent been smoking long I have learned my way in and out of situations. Anytime a parent asks about smoking you just say that you went to the bowling alley. Nothing leaves you reaking of cigars like 30 lanes of people msoking cigars...mmmm.

    on a funny offnote I almost got caught yesterday off some stupid shit like that. My friends andy and brett come over to clean our peices, smoke a resin ball, etc. Well we have the epsom salt and alcohol out and some baggies. We were about to leave to get hookah coals so I take everything inside in two trips. It turns out between trip one and trip two to the inside table my dogs grabbed the salt and ripped it all up in the backyard. After I get home we leave again to buy 1.5oz and clean up well, everything that was out. I showed up 3 hours later after a huge keef bowl and a blunt made of leaves keef and small peices of bud. My mother asks me about the salt which she found and I had to spit this one out.

    My toenail hurts and I soaked my feet outside on the porch. lol I spit that shit out from the top of my head, blazed in about 2 seconds.

    Flawless victory...well, I didn't get caught but now my parents prolly think I'm gay or something.

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