A magically wonderful meeting with a Lama.

Discussion in 'Buddhism' started by Freekowtski, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Freekowtski

    Freekowtski Member

    Today, I entered The Tibetan House in Barcelona to get information about courses and all that jazz. Casually, I met a Lama inside. Wow! What a magical spirit he spread out! I was really amazed to the grandeur of his soul. He taught me a lot, a lot of things about his life and buddhism in just one hour...!

    I'm... I'm... very happy!
  2. rebelfight420

    rebelfight420 Banned

    I wish I could of been there . There is no buddhist centers even close to me
  3. hippie_chick666

    hippie_chick666 Senior Member

    Do you know the name of the Lama that you met?

    Peace and love
  4. Freekowtski

    Freekowtski Member

    No, dear, I'll check it anyway.
  5. Chodpa

    Chodpa -=Chop_Chop=-

    Having a personal relationship with a lama is a good way to bring all sorts of wisdom to your life. I suggest taking a lama to a meal once in awhile, just for this reason. It's a good way to grow.

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